Clandestine Cuts Vol. 2 #8 - Independent Metal Demo/EP Spotlight
by Susan, wormdrink414, BloodTears, Ag Fox, R'Vannith
  Clandestine Cuts Vol. 2 #7 - Great New Demos and EPs
by Susan, BloodTears, Abattoir, Ag Fox, Mr. Doctor, Milena
  Clandestine Cuts #11 Feat. Milk White Throat, Equaleft, Air Raid, Nergard, Project Pain, Butterfly Trajectory, and more!
by Susan, wormdrink414, BloodTears, Fat & Sassy!, Mr. Doctor, Ag Fox
  Clandestine Cuts #10 - Feat. Crimson Blue, De Profvndis Clamati, Fractalline, Helsott, Isolation In Infamy, Ogen, Weapon
by Doc Godin, Ivor, Troy Killjoy, Mr. Doctor, Ag Fox, Thryce