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Dreamaker interview (03/2005)

With: Carlos Peña [Bass]
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 22.03.2005

Band profile:


DreaMaker is the result of the big split the Spanish band Dark Moor suffered in 2003, and with "Enclosed" they're releasing their second album, an album that shows us why they went separate ways with Dark Moor.
I took a chance to write some questions for the exquisitely beautiful singer Elisa, but since she was to busy, I got them answered by the exceptional bassist DreaMaker has, Carlos Peña.

- We'll start with the usual first question, could you introduce yourself and your band for all that's reading this?

Hello, I'm Carlos and I play the bass in Dreamaker. My band mates are Matias and Albert as guitarists, Nino as Keyboardist and Elisa as vocalist who couldn't answer this interview because we have now tons of interviews so all of us are answering interviews.

- DreaMaker is now about to release their second album, and it's clear that the music from the first is long gone, so what are the reasons for this drastic change of style?

We reach the style we were looking for although two records have been needed for that. I think Human Device is a very good album but is like a primitive idea what we were looking for. In the first album you can notice some similar things between one and another, mainly in some songs as nightmares factory or enemy but you are right if you say there are songs with nothing in common or very little. This new album is much more homogeneous, harder in general.

- Early Dark Moor and the first album with DreaMaker was more usual Symphonic Power Metal, but "Enclosed" sounds (I wouldn't call is Thrash but), more Thrashy, much aggressive guitars and even some growls, was this thought-about before the song-writings or did it just end like this after the material was done?

As I told you before, this is the way we were looking for. In the fist album people still expected a power metal album so maybe it made us, unconsciously, not to change the style as much as we wanted. In fact some songs of the first album were composed for the old band of Jorge, Albert and Elisa.

- And was this maybe the "different musical directions", that was the reason why Dark Moor split-up?

Yes it was. I think the "different musical directions" are obvious between the two bands.

Cover Artwork of "Enclosed".

- As mentioned, your debut is more in the veins of Dark Moor, it was easy to recognize you, how come you released an album like that as a debut when you first said that you wanted to do something different from Dark Moor?

As I told you before, I think it would be for fear of the reaction of people, and the fact that some songs were written for Dark Moor could have been the fault.

- The growls, by the way, who do they belong too, a guest musician or someone in the band? Are there any guests on "Enclosed"?

The growls belong to Kantz, Coil Box vocalist. We had the opportunity of his collaboration and we had no doubt about it. He is a great singer and a great person too. We planed his collaboration in a couple of songs and finally he recorded much more I think his voice is a very good contrast with Elisa's voice

- Anyway, "Enclosed" will be released in March, but what are you expectations about it? How do you think people will react when they hear it? Do you think it will sell well? Etc.

We have very good expectations about it. I think Enclosed is an album that is impossible it causes indifference in people. I think people will talk about this album for long time, and that is good for us. I think People don't expect an album as Enclosed is. Nowadays to talk about selling is very difficult. As you must know music is in a very difficult moment, but we hope selling as much as possible.

- The lyrics (or the whole album) are it about any special concept/theme or are there just 12 individual songs?

They are 12 individual songs. For the moment we don't plan to record a concept album but maybe in the future we'll do

- What will happen after the release? I know you're going an a little tour around Spain, but will it be any shows outside Spain too?

We'll play wherever they call us. We are anxious to play at live, but, for the moment we don't have anything outside Spain but I hope promoters in other countries will be interested after Enclosed release.

- Now I though we should leave the music behind for a short while to get a chance to get to know you better, here are 3 fast ones: - What are your hobbies, beside the music?

I like reading a lot; I'm a book eater. Cinema is other of my passions, and travelling too. To travel to Japan is an experience I'll never forget. But most of all music is my main hobby and passion

- What bands/artists would you call your biggest source of inspiration?

I wouldn't call them inspiration but some of the bands I most like are Judas Priest, Queen, Mr Big, Megadeth, Symphony X, In Flames, Soilwork... as you can see they are very different each other.

- How would you describe yourself to someone that didn't know anything about you?

Every time people ask me this question, I never really know what to answer.
I don't like labelling music; I think people should listen to the album and have their own conclusions. But I'll say one thing is a very hard album of metal with a lot of very good guitar riffs and nice melodies.

Carlos is rockig with Elisa

- Before we round off this interview, I would like to give the word over to you, to give you a chance to take up something you think I've forgotten to ask, or just leave a message to fans and everyone that reads this. The word is yours!!!!

I would like to thank you and all people who support us for your interest in the band. We'll never forget that. Good bye and see you at live as soon as possible

- Thanks you very much to answer my questions, I hope I didn't get on your nerves more than twice, he-he. I wish you a really good life and the best of luck for DreaMaker.



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