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Antigama interview (12/2005)

With: Sebastian [Guitars]
Conducted by: Herzebeth
Published: 10.12.2005

Band profile:


-Hello, first of all I want to thank you for allowing me to interview you. Now, please introduce "Antigama" briefly to the people who are not familiar with the band.

Antigama is 4 people who've played together for over 5 years and try to be original in the way they do music. We play brutal and fast tunes but not only this kind of shit. We try to bring to our music something else than just pure noise. We experiment a lot with different genres like electro, ambient, noise and mix it with our grind. We've a lot of releases out, 'Zeroland' is the latest and the best in our opinion.

-Now, let's talk about your new release "Zeroland". I have heard this album and I actually think it's brilliant, but all reviews aside, what does "Zeroland" individually represents in your career?

'Zeroland' is the most experimental and progressive album in our history. I am really glad of what we managed to make on this record. Now we are more open on experimentation, we play with rythm, improvisation, we expand our musical horizonts and 'Zeroland' is a proof of that. Grindcore is still very remarkable element among all of these, but not only. We try not to close ourselves in certain schemes.

-There are a lot of genres mixed in this album, how did the band come up with all the ideas and the general structure of "Zeroland"?

It is effect of difference in characters as well as inspirations being from opposite ends. Everyone in the band tries to bring something special in to the music. Later, out of these sounds Antigama songs come out. The fact that there is sucha extent of styles is due to our broad interests.

-"Zeroland" is an album filled with many sounds and polished music. Was it hard to record an album like this? How can you describe the studio sessions of this album.

Usually we record material pretty fast. In case of this album, a lot of work was with vocals and mixing, rest was recorded during few days, standard. Our sound producer is Szymon Czech (Nyia, Third Degree) - talented man, who worked with us many times. Szymon knows how to record our album well and with no problems because in a studio he's the fifth member of the band. His suggestions are to the poin and cooperation between us is just great.

-What are you trying to transmit to the audience with your music? How did the name of this album emerge and what does it mean or represent?

We do not want to change the world 'coz it is no role of ours. We are normal band, that takes joy of playing together, and of making ourselves and others glad through our creative power. Zeroland is a title with many meanings and can be interpreted in many ways - zeroland is a land all of us are in and which each of us carry inside oneself. This title represents state of mind in critical moment.

-The album has just been released recently and it's a whole new twist of "Antigama", how do you expect the audience and press to react to this new "Avant-Garde" side of the band?

The feedback we got for new record makes us really happy. Majority of reviews is positive. We are very happy that the people appreciate what we managed to create on this disc and that now they pay more attention to our band. Though it's still too soon, because the record just came out. About how people receive it we will be able to tell after some time. As for now we have no reason to complain.

-Let's talk a little bit about your earlier efforts. You released "Discomfort" last year and gained a lot of strength in the metal scene; what was the immediate and late reaction towards all those great critiques and reviews? Did that album help you in any way to either come out of the underground scene or at least be a more "noticed" band?

Definitelly yes! 'Discomfort' was the album thanks to which Antigama got more attention. It was right album recorded at the right time. We got plenty of positive reviews thanks to that record. We played on Obscene Extreme 2004 and Giants Of Grind 2005. Besides re-edition of that material CD and LP happened as well. Yes, 'Discomfort' was definitelly a mile stone album for Antigama with good promotion and distribution, piece of extreme music.

-Are you planning to do a big tour to promote your album? In which countries would you love to play and show your music?

I hope that we will manage to do some little touring promoting 'Zeroland' in Europe. I know that Karol/Selfmadegod thinks about it... Everything depends on conditions, promotion and above all money for sucha project. I would like to play everywhere, where are people willing to hear and see us. Doesn't matter if it's Europe, Asia or America - each place is interesting and inspiring. I hope we will manage to make it soon.

-So far, which are the songs you love the most from your career? The really memorable ones that will stick to you till the day you die and then make you think "Damn, it was so fucking great to play "X" songs"

Hahahaha. Interesting question. It is hard to pick one specific song, because I like a lot of them and they change pretty often. With the biggest enthusiasm I approach things that are fresh, so I could tell you I like the most material from 'Zeroland' - Seed, Sorry, The View, Zeroland - these are my faves at the moment. But on each release, each of us has its fave, so its too many to mention ha ha.

-One last question - what was and is your main influence while writing songs? Is there any special band, memory, or whatever that leads you to write or play your music?

I get inspiration from many sources. Film music for sure was my main one while writting 'Zeroland'. Additionally, relation with my girlfriend strongly influence the way I look at my music ha ha. I don't deny that Marihuana plays big role in that too, same like normal grey life. I like the most to create everything from zero at rehearsals - it's more authentic and interesting this way because song is being made step by step from zero. It is very inspiring experience. Our songs are written mainly during jam sessions.

-Thank you very much for your time, please add a final message to everyone reading this interview.

Thank you very much for this interesting interview - good luck with your magazine. These of you interested in Antigama should check:



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31.05.2006 - 15:01
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The Zeroland albums if fucking good grind... I usually dont dig grind but, Antigama, together with Nasum is some of the exceptions. Catchy as hell!

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