My Dying Bride - Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light (Song by Song)

With: Aaron Stainthorpe
Conducted by: Dream Taster
Published: 24.01.2004

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My Dying Bride
Album info: Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light

01. The Wreckage Of My Flesh
02. The Scarlet Garden
03. Catherine Blake
04. My Wine In Silence
05. The Prize Of Beauty
06. The Blue Lotus
07. And My Fury Stands Ready
08. A Doomed Lover

01. The Wreckage Of My Flesh:
This songs deals with manic depression, utter misery and self loathing. It's when we are at our lowest. Our most insecure. It's a cry for help. Complete self-pity. It even questions why the character in the song was even born. This is the lowest of the low. A bleak and misfortunate individual.

02. The Scarlet Garden:
This song is about a murderous character who 'commands' women in every way including mentally and physically. An arrogant bastard who wants women to grovel at his feet and if they don't then he turns even nastier and even kills those who don't yeild to him. He then buries them in the rose garden. Scarlet being a reference to the colour of the roses AND the blood spilt there.

03. Catherine Blake:
This is a fantasy tale of evil over-powering mankind. Filled with demons, lust, power religion and the whole end of the world. Only a small amount of the lyrics are actually sung on the record. Most of the words to this story will not be printed until a time we see fit. It's just a nice way to tempt fans into looking forward the another instalment in this chapter.

04. My Wine In Silence:
A very simple song about sudden loneliness. No description is given as to the circumstance, but a character is left alone and is suffering terribly. No answers given. Confusion and depression reign in this song. There is anger and bitterness too but the deliverer and receiver are not identified.

05. The Prize Of Beauty:
A song about a man who is infatuated & obsessed with a vicious woman despite the fact that she will destroy anyone who gets under her feet. It's slightly fetishist in that the guy wants to be dominated. He wants her to punish him. The more cruel she is (to everyone, not just him) the more his lust grows. Erotic, kinky and savage. A song for the sadist in us all.

06. The Blue Lotus:
A dark and sinister fairytale. It's about a young man who fights his way through a forest to a castle. Climbs up & into the castle and into the bedroom of a beautiful sleeping woman known as The Blue Lotus. He kneels down to kiss her but something quite unexpected happens. You will have to read the lyrics to find out the end of this very grim tale.

07. And My Fury Stands Ready:
A song about revenge. The fury unleashed upon another person for a great wrong-doing. Vicious and terrible vengeance. It's about standing over your victim and giving them just enough time to comprehend the slaughter that you are about to visit upon them.

08. A Doomed Lover:
The ending of love between two people. All attempts at reconciliation have come to nought. There is nothing you can do to prevent the end of your relationship. You can only lie there in tears as you watch your happiness fade away. The final line in this song says it all; "Loneliness aplenty spread before me".

All terribly miserable subjects I'm afraid. But that's what makes me so very happy.




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this album rulzzzzzzz My Dying Bride Rulz specially "My Wine In Silence"

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