Beseech - Drama (Song by Song)

With: Robert
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 10.03.2004

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Album info: Drama

01. Drama
02. Higher Level
03. Voices
04. Forever Falling
05. Bitch
06. Addicted
07. Come On in
08. Friend Emptiness

01. Drama:

I see this song as a reflection of life, sometimes life just seems to be against you and everything you try to do just turns out bad. It´s symbolized as a theatrical play.

02. Higher Level:

This song can you read in two different ways, either as a slave/master in a sexual game or in a human/god perspective.

03. Voices:

This song is about the struggle to get someone sexually interested in you. And as we all know this doesn't always work out as you've planned. So this song explains what could happen' if you have to force someone into something. It's seen through the eyes of a psychopath.

04. Forever Falling:

This song is about a guy who commit suicide and the only thing he leaves is a letter to his girlfriend. The girl wants him back of course and that's the plot.
They are separated in two different worlds.

05. Bitch:

This song is about a relationship I had with a girl. I don't really know how much I want to tell you about it but let's just say she didn't do what I would have done.

06. Addicted:

This song is about addiction (no shit!!). It can be the addiction to a drug, to a woman/man or to a religious God. Make your choice.

07. Come on in:

I guess this is the only not melacholic song on the album. It's about a meeting taking place. I wrote the verses before the meeting accually happened and then we recorded the song a couple of months after I accually had a relationship with the girl I met.

08. Friend Emptiness:

This song is about to wake up to the worst day in your life, could be something you´ve done and really REGRET. The best thing to do is to die actually, a world without colors.


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