Cadaveria - Far Away From Conformity (Song by Song)

With: Cadaveria
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 05.07.2004

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Album info: Far Away From Conformity

01. Blood And Confusion
02. Eleven Three O Three
03. Irreverent Elegy
04. The Divine Rapture
05. Omen Of Delirium
06. Call Me [Blondie cover]
07. Out Body Experience
08. Prayer Of Sorrow
09. Vox Of Anti-Time

01. Blood And Confusion:
This is one on my complicated reasoning about things surrounding me and about myself. It reflects upon the difficulty of communication among people, 'cause often words create misunderstandings. It speaks about my personality, that is like the music I play: it twists around itself, it gets torn and recomposes. I'm contradiction, a mixture of opposite things: inside and outside, rigor and immoderation, mannerism and simplicity, baroque and minimalism and my mind is blood and confusion.

02. Eleven Three O Three:
A positive experience, a good feeling, a precious gift that must be kept secret to be preserved.

03. Irreverent Elegy:
A stoic and aseptic consideration about my existence and about the meaning of human behaviours. Notes and rimes about absurdity, humor and personal identity unconsciously changed by our own memory. Some concepts of this lyric are fragments of speeches by Elia Suleiman, Hassan I. Sabbah, David Cronenberg.

04. The Divine Rapture:
The story of a pure entity transfixed by the lightning of freedom. The joy of living without restrictions, the happiness to think, speak and act without censorship.

05. Omen Of Delirium:
A delirious speech full of apocalyptic visions, freely inspired by Naked Lunch by W. S. Burroughs.

06. Call Me:
It's a cover song, ask Blondie!

07. Out Body Experience:
A median experience translated in poetical words:
To die remaining invisible
To fly with the wings of anti-time
To unload the wagons of nothing
To fling your heart behind the wall.

08. Prayer Of Sorrow:
I say: I am how I am and I'm not disposed to change!
I don't want to be forced to laugh just to gratify you
I want to startle in a harmonious discretion
I want to dance in the funereal garden of roses
I want to lose myself in an angelic orgasm.

09. Vox Of Anti-Time:
Again a reasoning about things, about life, seen as a mixture of happiness and tragedy.
A consideration about the world, that is made the contrary of what the common sense is done.
I want to escape from this, I want to live in a devoid of shame place, without stereotype, without icons.


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