Morgion - Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth (Song by Song)

With: Rhett Davis [Drums]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 16.08.2004

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Album info: Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth

01. Cloaked By Ages
02. A Slow Succumbing
03. Ebb Tide (Parts I & II)
04. Trillium Rune
05. The Mourner's Oak
06. Cairn
07. She, The Master Covets
08. Crowned In Earth

01. Cloaked By Ages:
An introduction to the album or as we like to put it, "Intro". There isn't much to say about this particular track except this one was one of the first musical experimentations with "Atmosphere" a new program tinkered by Gary. We affectionately refer to this as our "Hell Awaits" intro. Referring to the meaning behind the name is simply "Life" while "Crowned in Earth" is its counterpart "Death". We wanted to have a quiet and ominous beginning and after time and debate this was the outcome. Originally we had toyed with the idea of opening the album like Iron Maiden's "Seventh son of a Seventh Son", you know the "Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win" vocal/ acoustic number that opens it. Something like that mind you, but in the end we didn't have the time or the inspiration for it… dark ambient synth, the next best thing.

02. A Slow Succumbing:
The opener… This was actually the 2nd song written during this session and surprising (or not?) the most like "Solinari". The lyrics deal with three dark riders, men of purpose and (dark) deed. Each one seeking "The Three Swords of Nether", weapons who bestow upon their wielder limitless sustenance. For those who command these blades shall never be wounded in battle or find the need to sleep, or eat. Moreover a limited immortality because time will always out last flesh and blood, bone and muscle. Thus the first wielder uses his weapon for greed and personal gain, slaying all those who oppose him and building his fortune upon the suffering of others. Succumbing to his Madness thus is the reward of the Nether, counting his riches in hiding. Forever watching and waiting… I can't recall where exactly I got the idea for these particular lyrics, probably in some movie or book. I like the idea of someone with purpose finding the one thing that he thinks shall give him what he seeks yet the irony of it's purpose is both great and terrible. From my own experiences I believe that everything we seek has both a benefit and a disadvantage so in the end it is never what we had expected or hoped it to be. Then again ones actions dictate the outcome and in this particular instances who could lament for someone as despicable as this man?

03. Ebb Tide (Parts I & II):
The two "parter" (I think this is a word so the dictionary can blow me.) and the first song that was written for this release. I recall Gary wanting to write a song that had something to do with water or maybe that was I? At this point I cant recall yet when we wrote this song it took on the life of a sea in the scope of tranquility, and the bombast of troubled waters within. As for the lyrics… This particular set is a bit different that the first because this man has appetites for knowledge and study. So he takes his great library of books and art, poetry and the Arcane to a far away shore to read and contemplate. Yet during the journey his ship meets a terrible storm and sinks to the bottom of the ocean, broken amongst the dark wreckage of both his body and his work. Since his lungs need no air and his body needs no food he ponders in the dark trapped in a struggle between having what he holds dear within reach yet with light he could see both the printed word and their watery ruin. Probably the worst irony of all…

04. Trillium Rune:
Trillium is a three leafed plant but in this case I used it to simply mean "Three" or "Three Runes". The Wolfen rune, The Ravening Rune, and The Rune Draconis (Serpent). Since the "Solinari" days I have been using what I refer to as "the totem" of three spirit animals, the wolf, the raven, and the serpent. Since my lyrics have a way of mystifying even me on the context of where in the hell did I get that from? I couldn't tell you, I retain so much odd knowledge, a master of knowing things that most people could give a shit less about. In this case I combined both ideas I've used in the past and a new found affection for all things "Wotan", this is the outcome of that. This song and its name is much like the song and title to "Solinari". It's identity is that of an "intermission" amongst a greater piece of music, we took on this title as a means of our merchandise and it has this style that could very well identify the band without our own name. As far as music goes this is my favorite composition amongst the entire album.

05. The Mourner's Oak:
This song has two stories, one being the idea of the lyrics and the other on how it was written. This song lyrically was the catalyst that made the rest of the lyrics; it came from a Role Playing Game called "Paladium". I took the basic idea behind the story and embellished it within my own. The last of the three riders travels to the wilds seeking a life of living amongst the forest. Wandering for 500 years before he finally sat down to rest against a great oak tree to never rise again. Over time the forest melds to his flesh and bones and he becomes apart of the very earth and oak. Above him within the bows of the tree live the songbirds that sing his lament, such is the way of the Nether. The music was first tinkered upon during the days of my departure and then when I returned it was re-tooled into an actual song. This song we consider to be our biggest homage to "The Fields of the Nephilim", yet so few these days have a clue who they are, a shame.

06. Cairn:
A Cairn is a grave or a tomb, depending on the culture. To the Celts they placed rocks upon the body of their dead, while the Egyptians made great Ziggurats or Pyramids. "The Three Swords of Nether" were placed within a Cairn, entombed away from those who may use their malevolent magic's. They possess a sentient intelligence, a persona of an alluring woman who desires the undoing to all those foolish enough to wield them. A curse wrapped within a curse, woe to those who delve within their tomb for their only salvation is to return them from whence they came. These lyrics set the stage for who are the real focus to this story, the swords not the men who wield them.

07. She, The Master Covets:
Since the "Swords of Nether" are sentient beings, beautiful alluring women, a temptress made of blackened steel like the color of darkest lochs… These lyrics basically are a play on words because who is really the master here, the sword or the wielder. Being a man I have come to the conclusion that we as a species covet things that are beyond us, or our understanding, women being every mans greatest enigma? Since we have all been the master and the fool, I think we, as men have been probably the fool more often than not, at least in my case. So in saying that I covet that which is beyond me or my "means" and in this case lyrically, the allure is simply more than to sustain life but to sustain that which cant be held for long. A fleeting fancy that has more charm being short and sweet than long and drawn out, being the writer I've come to so many coincidences to these words than I care to admit. But it is better to covet than to not covet at all? You be the judge…

08. Crowned In Earth:
Death. Since these lyrics all contradict the main body of the title it does have a place, it's just easier to understand once you've made the journey to the end. The story is about obtaining something that you think will be your salvation yet spells your own doom, we all begin simple and over time enrapture the complexities of our actions. Yet we all do indeed live and die, but in this case our actions are damning. I am the summer sun, the winter moon, the forest green, the desert sand, the oceans depth, the azure sky; I am the element to dream… Questioning the infinite? Are we but a vessel traveling through this life or an element to decay within the earth? I'm not religious or by any means spiritual yet even I question what is the path beyond this mortality? So when it comes down to it, the end of the day the $20,000 dollar question? My own words are but an affirmation… live for the now!


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