Shape Of Despair - Illusion's Play (Song by Song)

Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 08.12.2004

Band profile:

Shape Of Despair
Album info: Illusion's Play

01. Sleep Mirrored
02. Still-Motion
03. Entwined In Misery
04. Curse Life
05. Fragile Emptiness
06. Illusion's Play

01. Sleep Mirrored:
Instrumental song. Good starting off song for the whole album.

02. Still-motion:
Album's worst song musically. We almost dropped this out but after all it's pretty ease and different for the rest of the songs.
This is about self-hatred, hollow mind.

03. Entwined in Misery:
Entwined in misery, wasted life and still waiting for something which never happens.

04. Curse Life:
Point of suicide, beautiful and full of atmosphere.. both music & lyrics.

05. Fragile Emptiness:
Song about dream i once saw, absurd scenery. Maybe the most powerfull song made for Shape.. more guitar-oriented and faster paced than usually i've done.

06. Illusion's play:
Carries theme maybe from all of these scenes dealed in another songs. Song about despair, self-hatred, invisibility, loneliness etc. which is the actual illusion in this album's theme.. This album is like a song of a hollow person who's living a hollow life. Musically epic and once again full of synth layers, female voice, grunts etc..



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