Macbeth - Malae Artes (Song by Song)

With: Fabrizio [drums, lyrics, music]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 30.08.2005

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Album info: Malae Artes

01. Nuda Veritas
02. Lifelong Hope
03. My Desdemona
04. Miss Murderess
05. How Can Heaven Love Me [Sarah Brightman cover]
06. Good Mourning
07. Henceforth
08. Keep The Secret
09. Down-Hearted
10. Dead And Gone

01. Nuda Veritas:

Introduction. It was inspired by Gustav Klimt's painting of the same name.
Short but cool electro/industrial intro. You can hear my voice...

02. Lifelong Hope:

Deals with a father speaking to his son about life. He's trying to teach him that sometimes we're alone and we must do all by ourselves to survive.
I like the rhythm, I like the drum beat during the verse of this song.
Wonderful melody, undisputable opening track.

03. My Desdemona:

"Treason has done his worst…" lyrics deal with false love. Do you know Othello & Desdemona? Heavy song with a good keyboards intro. This is a very melancholic song with a very pleasing refrain.

04. Miss Murderess:

Miss murderess is a beautyful lady that kills her lovers. "Death is a seal of love".
This is a catchy song with a cool refrain a techno influenced intro and an heavy rhythm.
I like Morena & Andreas voices on the chorus and the guitar solo.
The vocal line is so catchy you'll find yourself singing it for days afterwards.

05. How Can Heaven Love Me:

Very good song by Sarah Brightman.
Heavy version if compared to the original one…

06. Good Mourning:

This is an heavy and intense song. Begins with a beautiful symphonic keyboards intro and blasts into the heavy music after few seconds. Lyrics deal with a man, contacted a kind of entity completely alien to normal reality, that revealed him the true nature of love.

07. Henceforth:

Aggressive and direct song, it deals with lies and double faced people.
This song begins with a very nice intro then suddenly explodes into a guitar wall with the screaming voice of Andreas.
Very energetic track with very good clean vocals.

08. Keep The Secret:

This is a ballad with piano and vocals only. Very sad but very good and sweet song.
Morena wrote lyrics for this one.

09. Down-Hearted:

Begins with a guitar intro and kicks into a distortion repeating the basic motif of the song. I guess the mix of acoustic and electric guitars is wonderful...
Lyrics deal with illusions. I love the kick-ass guitar solo by Max.

10. Dead And Gone:

The last song of the album, is like a bridge from past to the new work…
I love the vocal duet by Andreas and Morena on the final part.



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Interesting... I always like to learn more about the songs I'm listening to... I wish they had something like that for their older albums too...
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