Anachronaeon interview (03/2004)

With: Patrik Carlsson [vocals]
Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 25.03.2004

01. As you are a new band, and not all people know about you, maybe you could introduce yourselves?

We are Anachronaeon, a swedish metalband. We want our music to set different moods. From epic emotional parts, to brutal chunky riffs. Therefore we are not afraid to take the best from all different metal genres. But the basic foundation is made out of melodies. Members in Anachronaeon are me (Patrik Carlsson), on song and guitars, Marcus Wadstein on guitar, Andreas Åkerlind on the drums, and our newest member Carl Ullbrandt on bassguitar who came in just in time to learn enough to perform at our live debut(Metal is not dead 2004, March 13, Västerås, Sweden). Carl is not playing bass on the coming cd we're recording, I [Patrik] do that.

02. Tell us about your second demo "Tales from a hollow eternity". How long did it take to record it? What groups influenced you?

"Tales from a hollow eternity" was recorded under the name "Human Failure", and the band only consisted of me and Andreas back then. I wrote all the music, presented the ideas to Andreas, and he made drumpatterns to it. It took a few months (december 2002- februari 2003) to record it. We didn't stress the production. We used a few hours on wednesdays and sundays to record it, and we did it ourselves with our own equipment.
The groups that influence me in my musicwriting are many. From Symphony X to Emperor and Evergrey I suppose.
Andreas drumming is influenced by many different kinds of music, from Björk, Guns'n Roses to Darkane, Testament, Emperor and Slayer.

03. What are your lyrics about and what inspires you when you write them?

Basicly I use music as a way to express different feelings. The feeling I get when I sit down and really listen to music is almost religious, although I am not a religious man. "Still water runs deep" is about a depression that I went through a few years ago, meaning that all people show to the world through appearance really just is a superficial mask. When you go deep into a person you will see how complex man really is. I seldom show the world how I feel when I'm low, but it reflects in my music.
Other songs reflect upon things like death, if there really is something called destiny, and how bad we humans are. Mysteries that cannot be explained.
Now I have to point out that I'm not a sad and depressed person. I'm mostly happy, but the music that I find most beautiful is not about happiness.

04. I have read that you don't like to categorise your band into a specific genre, but I can't help that every time I hear your music, it automatically reminds me of Opeth. Do you think you have any similarities??

Well. The fact that we don't write standard death/black is one similarity I guess. We are also progressive in a way, and our are mostly long. We also mix growl with "clean" vocals. That's about it I guess. *L*

05. When I saw you about two weeks ago on the "Metal is not Dead" festival it was your debut live act. Please tell us more about it.

It was overwhealming. We were stressed out. There was such bad information at that gig. 19.00 the arranger told us that we had to bring our own amplifiers, and we were supposed to be on stage 19.30. Imagine the pressure. *L*
But the gig was postponed an hour so we made it. We didn't have time for a proper soundcheck though, so I couldn't hear my own guitar except when I played solos [with a different sound]. I have seen it on film too, since it was taped by a friend, and overall it went pretty well I must say. Cool to be opening for bands like Katatonia and Corporation 187.

06. Will there be more live performance in the near future?

Oh yes! May 28 at Culturen, Västerås, Sweden is the next gig. We will have time to finish our new "ep-cd" until then. It is called "As the last human spot in me dies". it's gonna kick! We will play there to promote a compilation-cd we have participated on. Aros Underground UF is the guys behind the gig and the compilation-cd.

07. I also read that you are searching for a reliable record company, have you found anything interesting or worth mentioning?

No... since Marcus joined us shortly after "Tales..." was recorded, we wanted to make him part of our sound, with his influences , so we didn't send "Tales..." around to record-companies. We will do that with the new on though.

08. Do you have any plans about when to release your first full-length album?

The new one will consist of 9 songs...and will clock in on approximately 45 minutes. What is your definition of a full-length album??? *L*

09. Since I'm sure many people have asked you what your favourite metal bands are, I want to ask you something different, what are your favourite non-metal bands?

My own personal are Simon & Garfunkle, Vangelis, Depeche Mode, U2, A.C.T. I can't speak for the rest of the band, although a bird whispered in my ear that Andreas and Marcus listens to jazz/fusion. Andreas likes Cornelis. Classical music and movie-themes are great too.

10. Before I forget I also want to ask about your name "Anachronaeon". What does it mean?

Hehe.. we actually have a reason for the name. Anachronaeon is a combination of "Anachronism" and "Aeon". Put toghether it means that the time we live in does not have anything glorious to contribute with to the historybooks, even though scientists all over the planet pats each other on their backs. It can also be interpreted as "something is wrong with this era". It's all about stress, making the big bucks, egoism. We are living in an addictive individual-worshipping era, where you have to have attitude to be respected. To stand out from the masses you have to go the way Marilyn Manson did, and if everyone does that, then there will be more special not to stand out. It's all contradictive. We are so healthobsessed that we can't go outside our homes with the right clothes, but still we eat worse than ever. The basic human today looks beautiful but feel like shit. It's strange. The 21th century will pass the historybooks as a grey area. A song from the coming cd is called "Anachronaeon [Where people live in dreams]. It is based on this subject.
I hope you understood my explanation.

11. I have also read that the reason your band was once named Human Failure was because of your negative perspective on humanity, so I wanted to ask about what you think about some of the more ignorant metal bands that are out there? [I am mostly referring to the racist NSBM bands].

We don't like people who think they are better than others. An old friend of mine said "You shouldn't take shit from shit". I agree. Basicly all black metal is founded on the elite-perspective, which is too bad. Just check out the norwegian blackmetalwars of the nineties. I still see signs of that thinking in the "What's true, and what's not true black-metal debate". If it isn't "true" is it less worth? Are other perspectives forbidden, or what?
I must say that I really like blackmetal despite some occuring attituteplattitudes. Dimmu Borgir has been criticized for being "not true". Well. I love well-produced music, and I don't care if they are "true" or not. I just think they sound good.

12. Since this interview is going to be put in an international metal site [] I thought you might want to say something to your fans in other countries over the world?

Hey everyone out there! Feel free to visit our homepage at and download some qualitymusic!
And don't forget to drop a line or two in our guestbook!

13. Anything you want to add?

Yes. Don't be afraid to relax! And visit our site!


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