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Kragens interview (04/2004)

With: Renaud Espeche [Vocals]
Conducted by: Jeff
Published: 26.04.2004

Band profile:


01. Can you give us a quick introduction to Kragens ? Who does what, who's in charge of the songwriting…

Kragens was formed at the end of 2000, by Cedric Sellier and Ludwig Laperche, both guitarists. Joined later by the vocalist Renaud Espeche (ex Demon Eyes, Lynx), they started working on new material. They found drummer Olivier Gavelle (ex Dirty Side, Ace) and bass player Denis Malek (ex Lynx), so they could perform on stage as a famous metal cover band in the south area of France. The titles are first composed by the guitarists and after the whole band arrange to get them better.

02. " Dying In A Desert " is your first album, but you were all part of bands that used to play in the 80's. How did you finally gather into Kragens?

I think it's a kind of coincidence, the musicians were free of work at the same time, so they could play together and make a new band.

03. Can you explain how you have been working during the writing sessions ? Why did you choose Steph Buriez and the NSR Studio?

The " Dying In a Desert " material was made step by step during three years, depending on the band mood, and creativity level. We wanted 12 tracks on the CD, once this made, we tried to find the best persons to help us making this album the greater we wanted. It was clear for us that Stephan Buriez and Laurent Nafissi were the perfect sound engineers, as their experience in recording metal is well knowned.

04. What kind of feedback have you had for " Dying In A Desert " ? Do you think you'll go touring abroad?

It's too early to get a lot of feedbacks about the album, because we've just started the promotion. But we are sure that the Kragens metal style will spread over the world, because we play an universal metal : powerful and modern, brutal and melodic, high quality sound, all the stuff the metal fans appreciate nowadays.

05. What do you think of the French metal scene ?, [I for one think it gets better and better probably thanks to bands like you]

We think the french metal stage is now able to win the race, " against " the nordic or german stage. We have very very good bands. The audience must learn to choose between the shit and the good stuff, a lot of record labels are releasing what they find in the toilets...So listen to the french metal stuff !

06. What do you think of all these power metal bands we see nowadays? Don't you think it could soon saturate the fans?

We don't mind about this, these musicians take the style they wanted depending on the record market...Us we play with heart !

07. Where does your inspiration come from? Bands or something else?

I think the best way to be sure our songs are good is to get pleasure playing them. Inspiration depends of that. We all listen to a lot of different metal styles, without frontiers.

08. Have you planned a tour yet? Has Kragens ever played live? Was it good memories?

We have for the moment some concerts in France, we hope this will increase with the good reviews. Performing on stage is our favorite thing, and each Kragens concert is a great blasting experience !

09. Why did you choose JP Fournier [I know he's really good but well… ) ] ? What's the advantage in working with such an artist?

Fournier has an unique style, and we thought he was the best to draw our " warrior of the future ". He was enthousiastic, and realised one of his best cover with " Dying In A Desert ". We wanted an agressive thing, and now we have it. It's a fact that working with one of the best and famous designer is good for Kragens. You can't miss our CD in the store !

10. How is your day to day life with a new band ? Do you have jobs or is this a full-time activity ? What kind of advice would give to a young band?

Actually it's a lot of work for a new band trying to be known...specially when you have a second job and a family. That's our case. Reahersals, concerts, promotion, you don't have time to watch TV. It's a full time job. Advices for young bands ? Make sport, get a strong mind, and be able to work together, as a solid team.

11. Thank you for your answers : one last word for the fans maybe?

Listen to our album and write us on ! Thanx !


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