Crimson Death interview (06/2007)

With: Edgar [Guitars]
Conducted by: iaberis (e-mail)
Published: 09.06.2007

Band profile:

Crimson Death

- Hey, first of all I would like to thank you for accepting this interview! I'm always eager to learn more stuff about you. So could you make a short introduction of your band to the people who are not aware of it?

Hello there, We are a death metal band with hometown in Peru- S.America, we started in 1998, then after no so many years we sold out the album "TECHNOLOGY" in 2004 and our latest album "DEATH IS ESSENTIAL" in 2006, The band's lineup is Geyner(Vocals-Guitar), Karelia(Drums), Carlos(Bass Guitar) and me Edgar(Guitar).

- How did you decide to get into metal and especially in the "Melodic Death" genre? I've also heard that you were the first band to do that in Peru. Is that true?

We've grow-up listening to Death Metal, in our youth life specially I remembered in the beginning of the 90's , Geyner and me always wanted to have a band like we use to listened that days, but more on the vein of the European bands of that moment, we believed that European bands were more interesting than the American ones. We started to compose songs and the final result is that songs had a lot of groove or catchy melody and we thought it was a simple inspiration from our minds, and for the music inspiration we listened to all kind of stuff. Here in Peru we are the only ones, mostly the other bands want to follow the Brazilian death metal style vein and the American style also.

- Hm… Metal from Peru… not quite usual. How difficult is it for a band to pursue an international career there? I mean, I've heard about the 70s and the government's hostile attitude toward it, we had a similar problem here in Greece too.

Actually nowadays, it is difficult to make music in our country, not only for the metal style, not for the fucking censorship, the main problem here is the poverty and the lack of economic help. Music in Peru and almost a big part of south America is not a business and rentable and it's hard to have our own professional equipment for a good sound, any way we have festivals here and all the bands you can imagine play together, mostly death metal and core metal.

- Speaking about difficulties, I've read in your biography that you had many problems when you decided to release your first record "Technology". How did this affect the band? Were there any thoughts about quitting your dreams?

The album, Technology was recorded during 2001, but the label that has in charge the release of the album disappeared and the records have to be released until 2004 with Mythic Metal label from Lima the capital, during this time the band kept active and we started to write new material, because the album doesn't be as good as we expected. The band never stopped.

- Hopefully, the disc came out and it was very good. How did the audience in your country and the world accept it? Was it as you all hoped it to be or did it go beyond your expectations?

TECHNOLOGY was very acclaimed here in Peru and better received in other nearest countries in South America, even when the sound is not a good one, the record likes a lot of people here, the record label sold out all the stock and we kept satisfied with that.

- Last year your second album came out. It's called "Death Is Essential" and I noticed a slight change in the sound. It was rawer and more professional, but it still kept the strong melodies, which describe your music. Was this change on purpose or your music becomes more mature as your life flows and you experience more things?

It was more an experience than other thing you know, we tried to do the best effort knowing the potential we have and all the stuff around, with limitation on the studio recording and as I said before always lack of the appropriated equipment for recording.
After all we like a lot this record, and when that happens one is the most quiet and relax.

- Speaking about music; which member(s) of the band write the music and the lyrics? I believe your easy-to-remember melodies are the strongest element is your music. I have to admit, these were that got me into your band.

Geyner and me, write the songs and also the lyrics, and then the rest of the band come with fresh ideas as well. On this last record Geyner made a great part of the music and wrote some lyrics also. All the ideas came easily, even we want to sound heavier and faster brutal every time and the final result is that we like our own music.

- What are your songs about and what are your trying to express through your lyrics and your whole music?

Our music and lyrics expresses personal situations and feelings, destruction, hatred, antireligion, directly or not with a lot of metaphors.

- Now let's go to a more classic question… What were your main influences when you started the band and do they remain the same today? Also tell me, what kind of music do you like to listen in your free time?

We are influenced by all the music we've grow-up wit, beginning with rock, pop style that we listened since we were childs, at that time we listened a lot of Hypocrisy, Entombed, Gorefest, Brutality, At the gates , etc. Those bands are classic stuff for us until now, but these days we listen a lot of In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, etc. and also newest interesting bands like Mors Principium Est. We listen to all kind of music but basically metal stuff.

- From what I heard, your drummer had to leave, due to lack of time… Apart from your work in the band, do you have another project or a full time job? If any, is that easy to combine all together?

We all have common jobs, but at the moment of a crimson death compromise we synchronized our time, this is nothing easy for us, but it's a pity music doesn't pay our accounts. Jejeje.

- Another interesting thing is that the missing place in the band, took Karelia Hani, a female drummer. What differences did this bring to you? How did the world see this change?

There was not a big change, because Karelia performed the songs in a perfectly way, later we look her performance on the studio recording, the difference is that we now can do every show that is in date , there 's no problem with the responsibilities.

- Closing this, I would like to ask you, what are your plans for the future? Is there a tour scheduled for inside or even outside Peru? And what about a new record? Will we see something new soon?

We are working on new songs, slowly but is our mission now, Talking about touring I will tell you that here in south America is very difficult to have a continued tour schedule, even the commercial bands can't do that because the distance among big cities are bigger than in Europe for example and sometimes our jobs doesn't allow to travel for touring. Little festival every each time is what we have. We have a plan for shows on June, July and August, and maybe a show performed with Incantation in La Paz-Bolivia, but is not totally confirmed yet. In September we are going to be a festival in Bolivia too, Arequipa our city is not far from there. Another thing is that the metal bands here in Peru does not received any money to perform a show, the band have to pay for the transportation tickets, food and other things when touring.

- Also I would like to ask about your website. Are you planning to have a version in English too, since many people (including me) don't speak Spanish…? It's also quite difficult to find your music too… Is there an online store to find your records?

Our website is coming very soon in English, we must to have a English version on that, and our records are available in some distributors, I don't know mostly about that, the easier way is to contact directly with the band and then you take care about the phantom records on the net some bad people sell and cause damage to the bands. I also watched some of our records on e-bay web but the price were a little higher jejeje.

- That's it! Thanks for giving me the chance to have this interview! Is there anything else you'd like to say to the readers and your fans? Adios!

Thanks to you and METAL STORM for the support and the interview. I would like to invite people check our website:, and listen directly in our myspace site: www.myspace/crimsondeathmetal.

Thanks to the ones who read the interview and to my friend Renán for the translation into English.



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Yay! All my questions got answered! Hooray!
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the band sounds nice judged by this interview, i think i'm going to check them out soon,

nice informative questions too
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