Astral Doors interview (05/2004)

With: Patrik Johansson [Vocals]
Conducted by: Malcolm & Jeff
Published: 18.05.2004

Band profile:

Astral Doors

- Can you give us a quick introduction of Astral Doors? Who does what, who's in charge of the song writing etc.

It started when Joachim Nordlund, Johan Lindstedt and I decided to write some songs together a couple of years ago.
On the first album all songs were written by Me, Joachim Nordlund and Johan Lindstedt.
They created the riffs and instrumental parts and I made all vocal melodies, song lines and lyrics.
For the next album, Martin Haglund, the other guitarist in the band has written some tunes as well.

The Cover Artwork of the excellent debut!

- What are you influences, for song-writing?

We got plenty of sources of inspiration. On "Of the son and the father" you can hear
that our roots are in the school of Sabbath, Purple, Rainbow, Dio etc.

- If we got it right you did you're recording debut with Danish Wuthering Heights, how did you feel before and during that time?

The thing is that my recording debut was with Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey in
Dec. 2002. It's a brilliant record. If you haven't heard it: Check it out!
The Astral album we recorded winter/spring 2003 and the Wuthering Heights-recordings
Took place in May 2003.

- And how much did that time influence you? Did you feel that you had to change something with Astral Doors after returning from the recording?

As I said: WH was done after AD.

- How are you going to do in the future? Will you stay with Wyuhering Heights too? Or will you give Astral Doors all your time?

Let's see what happens. I love Wuthering Heights and Space Odyssey, but my main band is Astral Doors.

- What other bands have you been playing/singing on during your life? Anyone that become quite famous lately, or just smaller, local bands?

Just locals. Bands like Lunatic Parade, Purple Rain and Barfly.

- How did you recording of "Of the Son And the Father" go? Did something worth mention happen?

Oh…it was hard work from start to finish. We recorded it in Joachims own studio,BIG TURN, and mixed it at Peter Tägtgrens ABYSS STUDIOS.

- What kind of feedback have you had for "Of the Son And the Father"?

Well, we're so happy for all great reviews and for the fact the many people seem to like our music. Thanks to all of you!

- It's very hard not to compare you to Mr. Dio, because of you similar voice, but how is your own thought about that? Is he your "idol"?

Sure!! Ronnie is with no doubt the best singer of all times. "Of the son…" is very
Influenced of Dio and bands he has been a part of.
My singing is also very much influenced by Mr.Dio, but not quite so much that everyone says. David Coverdale has also influenced me a lot as well as Tony Martin. Great singers!

- Do you have any tour scheduled yet? Tour dates, festivals etc?

Yes, we're doing some festivals this summer. Wacken Open Air, Sweden Rock Festival and two or three more.

- Are you working on a new album? Can you give to any interesting news?

Our new album will probably hit the stores in January 2005. I can promise you all that It'll be a killer!

- Is there something you would like to add, something we might have forgotten? And you want to say something to your fans and readers on Metal Storm?

Just keep on rocking!

- Thanks a lot for taking your time and good luck in the future with your music.



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