Solitude Aeturnus interview (10/2004)

With: Robert Lowe - Vocals
Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 09.10.2004

Band profile:

Solitude Aeturnus

[font color=red size=2]"Never take yourself too seriously, stay grounded, drink lots of beer and make the soundman your best friend"[/font]

[font color=red]-Robert Lowe[/font]

- I think that probably every doom-metal fan on the planet knows about you, but since not all of our readers are into doom, maybe you could describe your band in a few sentences to them.

We are a mix of Sabbath meets Iron Maiden with the individualistic styling of the individual members. We have melodic and heavy vocals with ultra heavy guitars interlaced with ambience and atmosphere.

-So you are working on your new record, is there anything new or special that you are planning to do on this album that you haven't done before?

Keeping the traditional elements throughout all of our albums, but as with each progressive album we add new elements, new ideas and never want to pigeon hole ourselves into rehashing the Solitude formulaic sound, therefore expanding on new elements that suits our tastes at the time.

- When can the fans expect the album to be released?

As typically happens set backs occur, as of this interview we are in the process of recording the drums and it could possibly be ready for release by the first of the year.

-You have been signed with many different record companies throughout the years. Which one have been the best to work with so far?

Massacre/Olympic records have definitely done a good job on our promotion, literature and magazines, also tour support and overseas festivals. They have definitely supported us more so than anyone else and are easy to get along with.

-Do you only listen to traditional doom or do you also like modern doom styles like death/doom or black/doom or even drone doom?

I typically listen to Trouble, Candlemass, Cathedral, Count Raven and obviously Sabbath. As of late I spend a lot of time listening to Nevermore, Amorphis, My Dying Bride and most importantly each and every one of the Catherine Wheel albums. And on the other end of the spectrum I listen to a lot of Baroque, i.e. Bach, Handle, Vivaldi, etc. Oh yea, I'm also still a fan of Slayer!

- Which genre in metal is it that you like less of all and why?

Anything current and popular. Why, because it's all crap! But that's probably because of the Dallas/Fort Worth market. It has a cookie cutter formula and anything out of the boundaries is never introduced.

-What about touring? Any plans or is it too early to talk about it now?

Yea, this question is one that will have to be addressed once the album is released. There has been talk of European and even state side touring for this one but I'll eat that pie when it's served!

-Do you have any special memory from any gig; anything funny, embarrassing or interesting that you would like to share with us?

We played a gig in Seattle, during the Merciful Fate tour. I was pulled into the audience and someone took my boots off so I ended up playing the rest of the show without them.

Also, during a European headlining tour in 1995, I ended up doing the entire 30 day tour with three broken ribs. This was straight through, no breaks, no days off.

- If you could choose 2 bands to tour with, which bands would it be?

Well at this point and time I would really love to hit the road with Nevermore. But actually I have never given it much thought. I just want to be on the road and playing. The tours we have had with Mercifyl Fate, Morgana Lefay, and Saviour Maching, etc. have all been enjoyable, well received pairings but as I said before I have never really given it much thought. It's usually up to the record companies or promoters to set it up.

-How much do you think about music in your normal everyday life?

From sun up to sun down. But it's only during alcohol induced states that I actually get up off my ass and create. Well, that's not entirely true because I do have the occasional motivation when sober (laughing).

- You have been around for about 17 years now and you must have earned a big sack of experience during this time. So is there anything you would recommend to younger bands?

Never take yourself too seriously, stay grounded, drink lots of beer and make the soundman your best friend. A pissed off soundman could be your worst enemy.

- Have you always been interested to become a vocalist or have you ever thought of becoming a guitarist or drummer for example?

Laughs.. I never even considered becoming a vocalist. I started playing guitar when I was 12, taught myself and someday wanted to become an Yngwie Malmsteen. I started my first band when I was 15 and after high school Lyle Steadham (former SA bassist) and I started a band called Graven Images, wherein I wanted to play guitar and write the music but we could never find a vocalist. So I decided to sing to make the music come across as I wanted it. After the break up of Graven Image Lyle eventually joined Solitude and recruited me as the vocalist since they were at that time losing their vocalist. I said sure, why the fuck not, what else am I going to do. As far as playing guitar goes I still play, I still write music and I still want to continue on with my Concept of God project. Also I am currently in another project whiling away my time playing guitar.

As far as drums go I have never really been interested although I have dabbled with it before. Currently I play lead doumbek for a belly dance troupe here in Texas. So I guess you could say that yes, I do play drums and may even be thinking of incorporating it into the new album somehow.

- What is your opinion about the TV-show; the Osbournes? I mean, after all Ozzy and Black Sabbath have meant quite a lot for the doom-metal genre. Do you think Ozzy should have accepted the offer to appear on such show for MTV?

Personally I think that it demystified Ozzy and took away some of his darker mystic that we have all come to love about Ozzy. Of the few episodes I have watched, it just seems to be a little humiliating to Ozzy.

-Thank you for your time, feel free to use this opportunity and tell your fans whatever you want.

The SA fans have always been the best and dedicated fans any musician could desire. We of SA appreciate your patronage and patience and hope to supply you with many more years of doom. Stay Doomed and don't forget, the upcoming CD "Alone" is on its way.


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