The Great Kat - Bloody Vivaldi review


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Band: The Great Kat
Album: Bloody Vivaldi
Release date: 1998

01. Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" For Violin And Chamber Orchestra & Band
02. Torture Chamber
04. Sarasate's "Carmen Fantasy" For Violin & Band

The Great Kat is quite a gal, violin virtuoso, guitar shredder, scary sexy Metal vixen, god I know this girl for a long time now that the thought of her covered in blood with her tiny bikini gives me a hard on. You must get used to the "I'm bad" image of The Great Kat before loving her, you must listen her albums several times before knowing you do love her. This is a trip back to one of The Great Kat's early works, the flamboyant 1998 "Bloody Vivaldi".

Violin graduate from Julliard School of Music, The Great Kat released back in 1998 this little piece, 4 songs, 2 inspired in classical works and 2 inspired in The Great Kat worst nightmares, or so I guess.

As all albums from The Great Kat, this one is quite short also, clocking 7 minutes The Great Kat manages to entangle the audience with some great passages and some no so great.
Things get started with Vivaldi "The Four Seasons" played The Great Kat style, needless to say, the song is exquisitely fast and sick, definitively my favorite Kat song. Next is "Torture Chamber" the typical gore and noise we're used to get from The Great Kat, this time she personally performed a torture to a poor guy, I wonder what's his crime?

Next is the shortest song in the album, "Blood" is quite a disposable piece if you ask me, nothing interesting here, move on. To conclude things we got Sarasate's "Carmen Fantasy", a great song also, here we get to hear the famous violin playing of The Great Kat.

So, basically, The Great Kat hasn't changed much in 7 years, she still delight us with classical inspired Metal pieces, tiny outfits with spikes and blood and some useless songs with quite scoffable lyrics. Great Kat... never change!!

Written by Undercraft | 19.08.2005



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