Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers review


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Band: Deep Purple
Album: Perfect Strangers
Release date: October 1984

01. Knocking At Your Back Door
02. Under The Gun
03. Nobody's Home
04. Mean Streak
05. Perfect Strangers
06. A Gypsy's Kiss
07. Wasted Sunsets
08. Hungry Daze
09. Not Responsible [CD bonus]
10. Son Of Alerik [1999 re-issue bonus]

Mk II reunites after nine years of separation to release one of the finest albums in the band's history, Perfect Strangers. It's certainly one of the greatest comeback albums in rock history, making it a one of the top albums in rock. Nowadays the band still plays most of the tracks in this album, most of the fans truly love this classic of hard-rock with shades of heavy metal.

Perfect Strangers contains all the right elements of Deep Purple to make this a instant classic. The band was able to transport the feeling of the 60's and first half of the 70's, the spirit is just perfect. It's extremely rare to see a band make a comeback like in this album, they were able to keep the old times flowing and make really great tracks for this album. Starts amazingly with "Knocking At Your Back Door" a true hard rock song with shades of heavy metal here and there. The voice of Ian Gillan is perfect like in the entire album, the Blackmore parts are worthy of a true master, keyboard parts are melodic and heavy and drum parts are one of the heaviest ever composed by Ian Paice. What makes this album so perfect...or almost perfect, is the fact that most of these features are present in the entire album.

Ritchie Blackmore is in top form...what a true master!! Great guitar parts with great riffs and amazing solos. The band connects very well, Gillan and Blackmore mix very well, although personally they didn't get along too well. Jon Lord's keyboard enchants the true admirers of music; Ian Paice makes excellent drum parts that makes every rock fan ask for more, most probably Paice had one of the best performances of his career in this album; Roger's bass defines the entire album...heavy, melodic, intense and technically exquisite; Gillan has a 10/10 performance and confirms that he was and still is one of the greatest voices in rock with a more technically sound voice and switching between higher and lower levels of voice range.

In conclusion, what a great album!! certainly one of the top 5 albums of Deep Purple. Every member of the band makes one of the best performances in their career in this album. Deep Purple lead by Blackmore is a different thing. This album has everything that made the band famous, it's heavy, melodic, technically excellent with amazing solos and riffs, great vocals and magical bass and keyboard. For every rock fan, it's definitely a "must-have" record.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by AndMetalForAll | 13.01.2012


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13.01.2012 - 23:56
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Actually MK II reunited after 11 years apart. Nice review!

What's next? Purpendicular?
14.01.2012 - 00:16
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
I remember when this was released in 1984. We weren't expecting such a great album at all. But it totally blew us away. And to this day this one is one of the true DP classic albums. A shame that the album after Perfect Strangers, The House Of Blue Light was so much worse in quality even though it did still feature some good songs.
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14.01.2012 - 01:56
Written by Guest on 13.01.2012 at 23:56

Actually MK II reunited after 11 years apart. Nice review!

What's next? Purpendicular?

Sure my mistake, I meant to say 9 years without Deep Purple...When i wrote that i was already thinking in what i would write

I don't know what album should i review, i was thinking Machine Head but don't know yet

Thanks for being interested,

15.01.2012 - 03:24
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