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Mortiis - The Grudge review


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Band: Mortiis
Album: The Grudge
Release date: 2004

01. Broken Skin
02. Way Too Wicked
03. The Grudge
04. Decadent & Desperate
05. The Worst In Me
06. Gibber
07. Twist The Knife
08. The Loneliest Thing
09. Le Petit Cochon Sordide
10. Asthma

Well, what do you have here? A troll in a discothèque. It's a good qualification for Mortiis' last album. Mortiis' music implies a continuous evolution. And he succeeded in surprising his audience, once again. This last album, "Grudge", is closer, in a way, to "The Smell of Rain", than, for example, the magnificent "Stargate". You could question, and you are right, of course, the reviewing of such an album on a metal site. But don't draw a conclusion so soon.

Indeed, don't expect for an album with heavy guitars, riffs or even symphonic arrangements, because it's not so. It is an electronic & industrial product instead, with beat and electronic devices. You could confound the author of such an album, if you don't know his name. There are two possibilities for "reading" this release: it is music for discotheque or we are witnesses to an artist who doesn't care what other's saying, but he is willing to search something new in his music. It's obvious he keeps searching; and perhaps he will do the same in the future. That's why I admire him.
If you search an album in vein of his older releases, don't go for this: it will "disappoint" you. But if you want to see Mortiis' new "face", an industrial one, check this out.
The first time when I've heard this album I was a bit shocked. But now I'm fine. I started to accept and even to like this new Mortiis.

One single track seems to remember his past: the last one entitled "Asthma". It really sounds like someone's suffocated breath. Quite interesting. On the album there's another soft track: "The loneliest thing", even if the beat could be heard. I like the 9th track, entitled "Le petit cochon sordide".
I'm waiting to see what our troll could bring in the future; he has an immense potential.

Written by janhuss | 25.08.2005


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09.04.2007 - 00:34
Danny Thomas
as you said, it's nothing like his older stuff. i thought smell of rain was a rather peaceful relaxing album, whereas this is the opposite. mortiis must be dealign with his demons, because for the most part this is an extremely angry album. in saying that i do like it. again if you aren't a fan of electronic music, don't bother with this, it's got guitars yes, but it's industrial sounding to the core. but open minded listeners may like this.
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19.12.2008 - 00:01
Unasuming Madnes
Honestly kind of reminded me of a more 80's synth version of Celldweller. Outside of Gibber and Desperate and Decadant, this album pretty disappointing.
21.02.2009 - 03:42
Liver Failure
Horrible album, absolutly worse than ''Smell of rain''... the songs are way heavier than necessary, killing the traditional melancholic atmosphere of Mortiis songs. The first two tracks make no sense at all, the third track ''The Grudge'' has a better rythm, but nothing wonderful.
''The worst in me'' is not heavy, but its boring. Gibber its the most annoying song in the album.
One of the few things that save the album are the 2min "Asthma" in the end.

I dont care if Mortiis remains in that kind of music, he just should try do it with quality, like he did in ''The smell of rain''.

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26.01.2010 - 19:40
Unasuming Madnes
Written by Paradox0 on 19.12.2008 at 00:01

Honestly kind of reminded me of a more 80's synth version of Celldweller. Outside of Gibber and Desperate and Decadent, this album pretty disappointing.

I know it's been a bit over a year, but I'm surprised it took me THIS long to get into this album, considering I'm actually into electronica. Kind of reminds me of NIN with metal influences yet more.....danceable (not that I do that kind of front of a myself (seriously i don't)). Actually a pretty solid album, once you distance yourself from your preconceived notions of what you believe music should or shouldn't sound like. 8/10
09.07.2010 - 13:17
Account deleted
Have to say I really like this album. Feels like a guilty pleasure but it shouldn't be. It is a cultural artifact after all.

Love its danceability

Shame this reviewer no longer lurks here; their reviews are some of the best on the site.

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