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Band: Negură Bunget
Album: 'N Crugu Bradului
Release date: 2002

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV

Transyilvanian Hunger. How could you not think of the famous Darkthrone album when you hear of a Black Metal band coming form Transylvania?

But I don't think that Negura Bunget would like this link, because these Romanian blacksters really come from Transylvania and they are concerned to put this place of origin into their music -with the great atmospheres of their grim and well-known forests beautifully created, and expressed, in the raw BM attacks with cold oppressive riffs and screaming voice, as well as in the acoustic typical folk interludes and in some obscure and morbid guitar harmonies- and into their image. This is all easily recognizable if you look at the artwork and if you think that the CD is published in a limited hand-made (by Negura Bunget themselves? Who knows…) carton box in which you can find a leaf (!) from the tree under which Huprogrammos Disciple's, Sol Faur Spurcatu and Negru conceived the album.

As you could have already noticed, the songs are only four, but this album is not a MCD and, on the contrary, it has a total running time of 53:40. It means that the four songs have the medium length of 12-13 minutes. And, in my opinion, this is the biggest weakness of this album.

The songs are really varied and dynamic: now powerful, now reflective, now angry, proof of an inspired and meditated songwriting, but it is almost impossible to memorize a song if you listen it (accurately) less than 5-6 times, since it is hard to find a fix refrain or a repeated part.

I don't mean that this is bad, since I think that real art should go beyond schemes, but in this way it is maybe too dispersive: one long track is good, but an album composed only by four 12 minutes tracks, hard to memorize and without a name if not a roman number, is a bit too "impersonal". If you add that the lyrics are entirely in Romanian (what I know is only that they are concerned with spiritualistic-natural-pantheistic themes since Negura Bunget are really interested in expressing their mystical ideologies through the lyrics), you'll get the point.

Apart from this "problem", I think that this is a really interesting album - intelligent, played with passion and accuracy, a rare thing in the BM panorama. It seems to me that Negura Bunget have a lot of good ideas, a good technical preparation and a real and sincere attitude in playing Black Metal, like we cannot easily find in other bands nowadays.

What is sure is that you can forget to play the CD and start head-banging, or to listen to it absentmindedly, since it needs an accurate and concentrated listening to grasp the continuous time and rhythm variation of the long songs. If you'll enjoy this album in this way, you'll be able to find something new on every listening.
I've figured out that the best listening would be in a long car drive, driving along a road in the mountains or woods.

A good confirm from a band that distinguishes itself from the usual BM acts and that could have a shining future.

Written by Sephiroth | 25.08.2005



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04.08.2006 - 18:36
Account deleted
about each track and its lenght...this is negura bunget's concerts,their long tracks are simply marvelous,i tell you

"I've figured out that the best listening would be in a long car drive, driving along a road in the mountains or woods." => lol,right,i like listening some negura bunget when i'm travelling with my family nearby mountains

each track describes each season.
05.08.2006 - 13:12
I pretty much agree with the review, the bad part of this album is the lack of repetivity And this is really wierd, I mean it's black metal, but exept the first track, there are almost not even one riff that is repeted (if so, you can't notice )
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02.09.2006 - 12:41
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I will have to check Nagura Bunget out. they seem to be rather noticed on MS.
20.06.2007 - 00:30
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I agree with most of the review, but a few things I felt I might bring up are:

Hm, I happen to like that the band doesn't use much repetitive patterns and creates very interesting music. I don't want to say, that songs that stick to traditional structure are bad but I like such creations(like 'n Crugu Bradului) too. Of course it's probably a matter of taste, but I really like how 'n Crugu Bradului is composed, its flowing, calm, with ambient parts although it has also more agressive parts and has a great feel to it. I especially like to listen to it when going to sleep, it creates such psychedelic atmosphere, which is really great and I don't know many bands who manage to create such a feeling in me. Yes, I agree that you can find something new in every listen but that's what I like about it too, I like to listen to albums that do not become boring after listening to them quite a lot. But yes, the songs are not exactly catchy, in the traditional meaning of the word and I guess if listened absent-mindedly it might not be very enjoyable experience to some, although I listened to the album in such state a couple of times and still enjoyed it.

About it being too impersonal or maybe a bit boring as I understand it seems to you. Well maybe, but I don't quite agree. I'm quite sure the concept of the album is quite deeply thought through, I believe it at least partially revolves around the number 4, and its many meanings. I also read the lyrics english translation, they're quite poetical and beautiful and sometimes maybe melancholy, I like them. I think the band stands out from a lot of more traditional bands, again I don't say that traditional bands are bad but I wouldn't call Negura impersonal. I think they have quite a lot of personality and originality.
11.04.2008 - 14:55
you must be really narrow-minded to find this album boring and with lack of repetivity.
03.01.2010 - 18:05
Liver Failure
Great review. Indeed the overly chaotic song structure makes it difficult to dive in the atmosphere.

Still... a good album is a good album. And this is highly recommended.

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05.08.2010 - 10:42
Came on man...why 7.5 ? this is a perfect album !
05.08.2010 - 12:24
Account deleted
Better than Om this album is. Trufax. But not by much.

Don't agree with down rating an album because of it's lack of memorability. They clearly didn't intend it to be that way and if catchy tunes are your thing why would you listen to this? This is about texture and atmosphere, not sitting down with lyrics and memorising every word like some power metal number. At least not for me.
04.07.2016 - 23:36
Bad English
Biggest stupidness is song titles in roman numbers indeed, but maybe as folk music and Trailvania it should work, but metal somehow not, a bit lame album and Transilvanian Hunger is much much much more metal as this one
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