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Band: Priestess
Album: Hello Master
Release date: November 2005

01. I Am The Night, Colour Me Black
02. Lay Down
03. Run Home
04. Two Kids
05. Talk To Her
06. Time Will Cut You Down
07. Everything That You Are
08. The Shakes
09. Peformance
10. Living Like A Dog
11. No Real Pain
12. Blood

Priestess's debut album was released in 2005, and suddenly exploded around the mainstream scene. It was one of my first experiences with metal music, and the one responsible for getting me into the genre. Describing the sound at first, it's a mixture of stoner rock with heavy riffs and catchy guitar solos. The type of music that make you want to act crazy and stays on your mind after all. I'll describe the music more!

The album itself is all composed with heavy, repeated riffs and drum beats. The vocals don't seems to be a copycat, and they manage to do it well, with choruses and other parts many times with shared vocals by the band members. "I Am The Night, Colour Me Black," "Lay Down," and "Living Like A Dog" highly prove these terms. "Run Home," "Two Kids," and "Blood" are a bit slower, more focused on "solo" vocals, especially "Blood," a song more like a ballad, where the vocals are different from the rest. The drummer Vince does a lot of vocals here alone. At first listen, the sound itself can be compared very close to Wolfmother. The lyrics aren't "great" as the ones made by Dio, but are quite well composed and funny, similar to Van Halen's debut album, Van Halen, and each song deals with common and/or known themes in a proper way, from murder to life conditions, and even weird things, like the song "Blood", that deals with... a vampire woman sucking blood.

A great work for anyone searching for catchy music with quality. Also a great debut from a young band that can go all the way if they want. Sure I wish good luck for these guys. If you like Wolfmother, then you will love this album!

Best songs: "I Am the Night, Colour Me Black," "Lay Down," "Run Home," "Talk to Her," and "Blood."

Written by Cuca Beludo | 06.02.2012


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07.02.2012 - 05:12
This is a great album. one of my all time favorites. unfortunately the long awaited follow up sucked. i agree with the review other than the analogy to wolfmother.....this is much much better.
15.06.2013 - 20:31
I agree with you that this album is very good, especially for a debut. I can also understand the comparison with Wolfmother, but this band doesn't make anything that comes closes to Stoner Rock or Heavy Metal. How do you even come up with that, especially considering that you compared them to Wolfmother? What this band makes, is Hard Rock. Pure and simple. And I agree with bloodface, that their follow up sucked. I read that the whole process of recording was fucked up.

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