Stigmhate - The Sun Collapse review


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Band: Stigmhate
Album: The Sun Collapse
Release date: March 2012

01. Throne Of Eternal Flame
02. Charon
03. Gathered Of Isolation
04. Sinless Progeny
05. Architects Of Fate
06. Plenary Repulsion
07. In The Last Wake
08. Sun Collapse
09. Luce

# 1.) This album art here > everything you care about. Your dog < it. Your '87 Volvo < it. Your ps3 < it. Your kids < < it.

# 2.) The album art > the music on this. We've got some really standard, 2nd-wave hero-worshipping black metal here. And describing standard modern 2nd-wave-worship? = commence yawning fit. Blast beats + tremolos + screeches + blah, blah. It's all here. Sure, you can run with that sort of thing and make it great. With enough little idiosyncratic flourishes (multiply by X factor A), and attitude or atmosphere (X factor B or C), you could have something special on your hands. But there aren't many of those on this. Assuming you're cool with adding -ness willy-nilly to adjectives, you could say confidently that this epitomizes commonplaceness in the black metal genre.

Nevertheless, it's also true that when an evil-sounding riff is played all evil-like and skillfully, you = happy. And there are a lot of those on this thing. Compared to other bands that don't play particularly unique BM, these guys shine. Stigmhate are really good at what they do and you can bet your ass The Sun Collapse will get you licking daggers and rubbing yourself on barbed-wire (like other black metal acts that can play do).

Boils down to basic math, really; this is formulaic, but elegant. It's the root being squared, the 80085 on your calculator screen, the + between 1's, and the two at the end. And who ever said "formulaic" with music is like a 0 being multiplied?

...Well whoever said it is normally right, sure, but he'd wouldn't be this time. This thing is an outlier.

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Recap: This is an album that was performed really well but, at the same time, is the sort of conventional black metal that almost gets reviews to write themselves. In fact... it was almost as if my computer wrote this for me itself.... Regardless though, an evil-sounding riff's an evil-sounding riff, and there are a lot of those on this. Gotta get behind it.


Written on 09.02.2012 by Wormdrink's real name is George and he's an American.


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09.02.2012 - 12:10
Reviewer = Genius.
09.02.2012 - 13:55
proofread free
Brilliant review on so many levels
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09.02.2012 - 17:40
Bizarre review.
The fact that you focused more on maths than on the sound of the album makes me think this must be REALLY generic

It was a fun read, I don't think I'll check it.
09.02.2012 - 17:49
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Great review, remind me of Dr. Evil Smith's Dutch reviews for Lords Of Metal, where he goes all out as well. A shame he chickened out of an English translation of his Meshuggah album from a couple of years ago. Which also dealt with math and that in the case of Meshuggah 2 x 2 does not equal 4 and he tried to prove why mathematically hahahaha

Evil Dr. Smith I mean hahahaha
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09.02.2012 - 18:53
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Math + Me = :/

either way good review!
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