Forest Of Shadows - Departure
17 November 2004

01. Sleeping Death
02. November Dream
03. Bleak Dormition
04. Open Wound
05. Departure
06. Rainroom [Katatonia cover] [bonus]

Needless to say that the Swedish band bearing the name Forest Of Shadows has been one of my favorite melodic doom/death metal bands since "Where Dreams Turn to Dust" fell in my arms. One of the most tear-filled and grieving (in my humble opinion always) releases in the world of melodic doom/death metal. Having loved to the end the "Where Dreams Turn to Dust" EP, I was waiting in shivering solitude the debut album of Forest Of Shadows having great expectations from such a wonderful band. Yes, it was worth the wait since "Departure" is a grey opus drowned in melancholy, in "eternal autumn."

The violin and the flute are no longer part of the sound of Forest of Shadows, two instruments that played a very important role in the demos of Forest Of Shadows and on the "Where Dreams Turn to Dust" EP. This is due to the fact that Micce Andersson is no longer part of the band; their position has inherited trip hop references which are common through the whole duration of "Departure," being expressed through a melancholic and acoustic prism. These trip hop elements harmonize in a wonderful way with Niclas Frohagen's, who remains the only and arch member of Forest of Shadows, clean expressive vocals making the overall gloomy atmosphere even more misty and dark.

Of course the doom/death metal raging moments couldn't be missing from "Departure" since they are one of the elements of Forest Of Shadows from their very beginning. Along with Niclas Frohagen's utterly descriptive mourning grunts or more blackish extreme vocals they escalate the emotional charge of the songs, withering any flower of hope that longs to bloom on the dying earth. The rhythm section lends groove and soul to the compositions while the guitar riffing or acoustic moments cut you deep within with rose-leafs, harmonizing in the most appropriate way with Niclas' melodic and melancholic clean or mourning and shivering grunting vocals.

The production is very good, helping the fantastic ideas sound even greater. In combination with the fact that Forest Of Shadows has become more mature the overall outcome is outstanding. For the lyrics of the band I don't have much to say, they belong to the category of the most beautiful, poetic and pessimistic lyrics of the doom/death metal scene, pacing in such a unique way with the music of the band.

The album definitely flows as one, consisting of 4 lengthy utterly inspired melodic doom/death metal compositions and one beautiful instrumental piece, traveling the listener to dolorous soundscapes, making him lose himself into a "forest of shadows…"

Only for the lovers of lengthy, weeping and dramatic doom/death metal compositions. "Amidst a forest of shadows, swept in thorns and songs of farewell…"

Band profile: Forest Of Shadows
Album: Departure


Written on 06.09.2005 by
"It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."
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The record lasts more than one hour. It only has 5 songs. Art & booklet is on white and black. Well, I'm pretty sure this isn't Grindcore, but Doom Metal.
Forest of Shadows is a Swedish one-man project, although in the past it had band members, they came and went, and at the end mastermind of the project, Niclas Frohagen stood alone, and composed this "Departure," the first full length of Forest Of Shadows.

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priit - 06.12.2006 at 19:53  
As with the first Forest of Shadows' album, you write the truth and even though I like the older bit better, Departure is close behind.
W-Lash - 01.09.2007 at 01:24  
In fact it's fucking good stuff!
THE_BLACK_GOD - 17.04.2008 at 17:18  
the album is fuckin nice and im not agree that this album is worse than "Where Dreams Turn To Dust" cause im sure that FOS will never release an album like that and everyband has somthing like it. its so normal so i compare this album with other doom albums and i strongly think that it deserves 10.
REGRET. - 26.09.2008 at 13:59  
Nice Nice Nice ..... I Like Forest Of shadows:yes:
Uirapuru - 13.11.2009 at 06:23  
Well... the reviews at MetalArchives simply trash the album... lol... I love it. Althou I miss the violin and the flute a lot, in this album their absence was forgivable Pretty transcendental.
Mr. Doctor - 13.11.2009 at 11:18  
Written by Uirapuru on 13.11.2009 at 06:23

Well... the reviews at MetalArchives simply trash the album... lol... I love it.

I just don't understand those reviews, I don't see how this stuff isn't inspiring.
advent - 07.09.2011 at 23:45  
Very good stuff, strange that the some songs of this album seem repetitive but don't make me boring at all.

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