Coldworker - The Doomsayer's Call review


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Band: Coldworker
Album: The Doomsayer's Call
Release date: February 2012

01. A New Era
02. The Reprobate
03. The Glass Envelope
04. Flesh World
05. Murderous
06. Pessimist
07. Monochrome Existence
08. Vacuum Fields
09. Living Is Suffering
10. The Walls Of Eryx
11. Violent Society
12. Becoming The Stench
13. The Phantom Carriage

I'm starting to suspect I should just start copy + pasting most of my reviews. Coldworker's The Doomsayer's Call fits into very much of the same category as a lot of what's coming out these days; solid, but lacking in any kind of ingenuity.

Dan Swanö was responsible for the final mix & mastering for this album, that should speak volumes. The man has a good ear for death metal. Give him the most basic death metal, and you can count on him bringing it to its full potential. Coldworker have put out an album that sort of sits on that fence; you want to love it - it covers a lot of the basics you want in a death metal album; brutal aggression, a few eerie riffs here and there, lots of groove and just enough technicality. It's a difficult album to love, though. It's an easy album to like, there's plenty of places worthy of rocking out to, however you so choose to do, but it's an album that's just too easy to chew up and spit out. It plays, you'll enjoy it, but the desire to play it again is probably going to be infrequent at best.

Comparatively speaking, it's most similar to the most recent Bloodbath album; it's a textbook display on how to do death metal properly, but lacks any real quirks to set it apart. It pounds on relentlessly, which is good, but there's nothing that will make you say "Move over [insert your favourite death metal band here]!" There's not a whole lot of grit or character going on here.

Don't let this review deter you, though. The Doomsayer's Call does come highly recommended, as it is a very honest, direct, unpretentious death metal album, its only the staying power that is really lacking here.


Written on 26.02.2012 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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26.02.2012 - 14:17
A fair review, now I'll have to give this album a try~
Agree with you 100% about Dano Swanö

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