The Chasm - Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire review


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Band: The Chasm
Album: Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire
Release date: 2002

01. Deathcult Arrival
02. The Conjuration
03. Dark Cloud
04. The Ecstasy Of Pain And Destruction
05. Brand The Mournful Liberation
06. Master Of The Arcane Torment
07. Traveling Through Chaos (I The Pastfinder ii)
08. Reveal The Truth
09. A Soulstorm Bleeds Over The Horizon
10. Procession To The Infraworld

There are many Death Metal bands out there in the metal scene, actually thousands, but few have managed to survive throughout the years of hybrids, changes, shitty music, etc. and even less bands are now known as "One of THE BEST" in their genre. The Chasm (from Mexico) is systematically one of them no doubt.

"Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire" is a blasting experience from the beginning to the end; the music sounds like a huge merciless blade slicing your brain over and over again. The album is packed with astonishing execution, incredibly catchy riffs, multifaceted drumming, fantastic bass-lines, crushing vocals, and even deep/conceptual lyrics (you don't get that often, at least not in Death Metal). So what else can you ask for, this CD has everything anyone could ask for.

The music is structured in a really odd form; the album goes from ultra fast and heavy to catchy even mellow, so, versatility is all over the album, and following that lead, we can find great balance all along the record and of course one of the best songwriting skills in Death Metal History. Songs like "Brand The Mournful Liberation" are a proof of what The Chasm is capable of, reaching almost 8 minutes, this song is maybe the best one in this CD; great guitar solos wrap this song, there are a lot of irregular drum-beats, and generally speaking this is easily the most complex song in this album.

This album is a MUST if you consider yourself a Metal fan; this experience will be like a drill battering your ears, the music is unforgettable as it is. This is easily one of the best Death Metal releases in history, an album that will stomp powerfully when you push play. Go now and get this album, you won't regret it I can guarantee you that.

Written by Herzebeth | 16.09.2005


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