The Chasm - From The Lost Years review


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Band: The Chasm
Album: From The Lost Years
Release date: 1995

01. The Gravefields
02. Secret Wings Of Temptation
03. I, The Pastfinder
04. Deathcult For Eternity
05. Ascencion Of Majestic Ruins
06. Our Time Will Come...
07. Procreation Of The Inner Temple
08. An Arcanum Faded
09. Torn (By The Sunrise)
10. My Tideless Seas
11. Lost Yesterdays, Impossible Tomorrows

The Chasm is a legendary band, worshiped by most Death Metal fans due to their incredible album called "The Spell Of Retribution"; now let's take a closer look to their earlier works, the albums that made this band what it is today. This time I'll review their second release called "From The Lost Years".

"From The Lost Years" is a really interesting album; everything from the production to the music is really raw and sometimes even muddy, but the music per-se is marvelous, the tracks have a really dark atmosphere towards them, most tunes have a chromatic scale forming all kind of musical shapes and different forms; yes this is not at all the band we know today, but now I can see why they were able to release such masterpieces in their most recent albums.

This album is somehow hard to digest due to the odd passages and the bizarre scales in most tracks, this is not bad at all, on the contrary, this makes the album different in many ways; most bands in that era (1995) used to play straight forwarded music and nothing more, "The Chasm" formed a new fresher kind of music, suitable for every Metal fan, filled with melodic approaches, catchy riffs, furious tracks and astounding Metal in general.

The best tune in this album is "Torn (By The Sunrise)", that 7th track starts with a really catchy riff, then the vocal-work enters with a really gloomy feeling; all along the song you'll find complex solos, multifaceted music, incredible bass-lines and the most impressive Drumming, reaching almost 8 minutes, "Torn (By The Sunrise)" is the most versatile song in this album, it's wrapped with ruthless aggression and depressive melancholy at the same time.

"From The Lost Years" has grown to be one of the most demanded albums in Death Metal history. This album will show a different view of this amazing band, you'll see the older visions of "The Chasm", and I think you won't be disappointed.

Written by Herzebeth | 24.09.2005


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