Furia (FRA) - Re-Birth review


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Band: Furia (FRA)
Album: Re-Birth
Release date: 2005

01. Dogmas Fall
02. Anthem For Kheros
03. Coma
04. Evil Spells Approval

"Kheros", firstly planned for October 2005 but unfortunately pushed to January 2006, will be the following album of "Un Lac De Larmes Et De Sang" the excellent 2nd releases of the French combo Furia.. Luckily, we can wait with an interesting EP "Re-Birth" with four original songs and four videos!!! Two of the songs will be featured on "Kheros" then evidently, all the ones who want to know (and can't wait) how this new album will be, should have a look on this EP.

With only two songs "Dogmas Fall" and "Evil Spells Approval" it's evidently not really easy to talk about this upcoming "Kheros", but I have however some first feelings. First, if they're always an excellent band that knows how to produce really catchy and efficient songs that mix Death Metal and Heavy, this is also obvious that they chose to follow a new road with this new album. We still have the excellent melodies, the super solos and arpeggio and the really characteristic vocals and lyrics in French, but the choruses are really different and disturbing for me this time, they really sounds Neo-Thrash, or even Neo-Metal (and you can even find some Indus sounds in the music now). This is weird still catchy but let's be honest I think that some people who like the "first" Furia, won't like this new part in their music…

About the EP itself, if you're a fan of the band, and in reason of its cool price, I think that you can buy it. We have four videos Live (old songs) and two original songs that won't be released on Kheros. Also you must know that production is a lot better than the one of "Un Lac De Larmes Et De Sang", this time the sound is just perfect and that's evidently a good news. However, this is just an EP with only two songs that will be on "Kheros", then we will see in January…

Well, wait and see then, but I'm really curious now to see how this new album will be. The new songs are ok but not perfect and I hope that Furia just won't try to sound too modern. A lot of people like their two first albums in reason of their excellent Heavy/Death melodic aspect, then let's hope that they won't forget it on Kheros…

Written by Jeff | 26.09.2005


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