Gamma Ray - Majestic review


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Band: Gamma Ray
Album: Majestic
Release date: September 2005

01. My Temple
02. Fight
03. Strange World
04. Hell Is Thy Home
05. Blood Religion
06. Condemned To Hell
07. Spiritual Dictator
08. Majesty
09. How Long
10. Revelation
11. Hellfire [Japanese bonus]

Four years, we had to wait during four long years to finally have the luck to listen to the new album of the Teutonic masters of Power Metal, Gamma Ray. And I suppose that after such a long time of inactivity we could expect something really surprising and entertaining. Is it the case? Well not really, "Majestic" is an excellent album of Power Metal no doubt, but since 2001 and "Now World Order" we got a lot of others Power Metal releases… and now Gamma is not so surprising…

Don't misunderstand my words because believe me, and it's not really surprising, "Majestic" is a really classy album. After all Kai is one of the best Power Metal singer and guitarist and I don't have to talk a lot about Henjo and the others band members. In the album, we have songs like "Strange World" with a mid tempo or some others like the furious one "Fight". All that is melodic and catchy as hell and the voice of Kai Hansen is better than ever. No really musically like with the production it's perfect and I doubt that the fans could give a lot of bad comments about this album. But still, after four years, maybe that they were all expecting something "more".

Look at me for example, I really like "Powerplant" that is for me a reference of the style but we're in 2005 and the time is changing now and you all know the trend… Nowadays we have a new Power Metal band every 5 minutes, some are horrible some others are able to produce good things and in comparison of those good bands, "Majestic" is not a blast. It's good, probably a bit better (this is Gamma Ray after all) but it doesn't give me a good old slap in my face. I hope that you understand, yes we're in front of a good album but when you play Power Metal and when you're a legendary band like Gamma Ray you must be able to produce, especially after a break of four years, the album that will learn to all those newbies that they don't have the half of your talent. I was expecting something a bit more surprising this is not the case unfortunately and this is a bit deceiving.

Yeah "Majestic" is a good album of Power, one of the best of the year in the category without any doubt but Mr Hansen, Richter and the others, next time don't be afraid to surprise us. I don't ask you to change your music, we like Gamma Ray when you play pure Power, but I'm sure that you are still able to surprise your fans. You all know what to do now, of course you can buy this album you won't be disappointed but like me let's hope that we won't have to wait four long years again to just have a good but classic album of Power Metal.

Written by Jeff | 01.10.2005



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03.07.2006 - 21:17
hey wait a second 2001 album is called no world order not now world order...according to your review i agree...
Metal Is Made For All Men, But Not Every Man Is Made For Metal
14.07.2006 - 09:10
Majestic is a great album
05.11.2006 - 13:38
Rosetta Stoned
When it was released, I dind't find this album very interesting, but still I'd give it like 8 /10 because it's really, really classy.
But I listened to it today, for the first time since March or something and hell... this album is a masterpiece! 9/10
30.06.2007 - 01:02
Account deleted

It's "No World Order" no "Now World Order".
30.06.2007 - 01:07
Account deleted
Majestic.... good but no the Best.
16.02.2010 - 11:29
Mountain King
K i K o
I got this album from Dubai and i think it deserves an 8. Amazing album with lots of Power and great Guitar work!...
09.05.2010 - 20:43
Liver Failure
Actually this one kicked the ass of No World Order... way cheesier and everything.

For a non-power metal fan like me this album provided me better times than most others from Gamma Ray

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30.01.2013 - 00:17
Patrick Andersen
In my opinion this album is one of their very finest. After the slightly more streamlined or 80's inspired album released prior to it (which was another killer!), the added agression and bombast on this one is an appropriate change of pace and works like a charm. It serves a bit more "doom & gloom" to the table and noticeably ups the ante in bad-ass'ry along with it. In some ways this is The Dark Ride in Gamma Ray's discography.

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