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Band: My Dying Bride
Album: Sinamorata
Release date: 2005

01. The Dreaful Hours
02. The Raven And The Rose
03. Under Your Wings And Into Your Arms
04. The Prize Of Beauty
05. The Cry Of Mankind
06. A Kiss To Remember
07. Catherine Blake
08. She Is The Dark
09. My Hope, The Destroyer
10. The Wreckage Of My Flesh
11. Sear Me
12. The Fever Sea

Music Video
The Prize Of Beauty
The Blue Lotus

Music Videos Made By Fans
My Wine In Silence
My Hope, The Destroyer

+ Live Video Cuts, Galleries...

Recorded live in 2003 at Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp Belgium "Sinamorata" is the last DVD of the British masters of Doom Metal My Dying Bride. Nice Live with good images and sound and cool bonuses are featured on this nice DVD. Nothing really surprising, it's a bit classic but at least and even if it's a bit strict, we have quality.

"Sinamorata" is nothing more than a My Dying Bride live concert of one hour thirty minutes. When it comes to the set list, and even if someone will always find that it is not perfect, it's really good in my opinion with songs from the last album but also from "The Light at the End of the World", "34.788% Complete" and many more and with evidently classics like "My Hope The Destroyer" or "The Cry Of Mankind" (just have a look on the track List and you'll see). The concert is good even if I can't say that we have a lot of fury during this performance but evidently when you know MDB it's hard to expect something that moves a lot (you see what I mean.). However we're in front of a bunch of really charismatic musicians (especially the tortured Aaron Stainthorpe) and the general ambiance, the amazing lightshow of the concert will give you shivers. Really if you've never seen the band this is something that you'll have to see one day and this DVD will help you to wait this special moment.

The production of the DVD is more than correct. The booklet is nice but however a bit poor and classic (no pictures of the band for example) the artworks and the cover look good but my principal reproach with this DVD is the "perfect" recording. I mean that the sound of the music and the vocals is so perfect that it's obvious that we had a lot of mixing after the recording and even if we cannot complain about the quality of the sound I regret that we cannot hear the public for example (or just a bit sometime). When I listen to a live album, when I watch a DVD live I love to see if we have ambiance in the venue or not. Oki, I've seen the band live already and I know that the special hypnotic ambiance doesn't give a lot of activity in the crowd but still, I know that we can hear a lot of growls for example and on Sinamorata… nothing.

About the bonus, it's also good but no so complete. Four excellent video clips, "The Prize Of Beauty" and "The Blue Lotus" (directed by Dave Palser) two others "My Wine In Silence" and "My Hope The Destroyer" were made by the fans themselves and are really nice. We have also a gallery and three videos cut (three of those songs are also featured in the live) but that's all, no interviews no commentary, that's well done but really basic at the end.

"Sinamorata" is a good DVD if you only want to see a live performance. In that case yes it's a must and I really like it especially when you know that the images like the sound are good (too bad that we cannot hear the real ambiance of the venue). However if you were expecting something really original with a lot of features, I'm sorry but this is not for this time. To sum up, we have a good DVD but a really basic one.

Written by Jeff | 03.10.2005


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