Hatesphere - The Sickness Within review


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Band: Hatesphere
Album: The Sickness Within
Release date: September 2005

01. The White Fever
02. The Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of Blood
03. Reaper Of Life
04. Sickness Within
05. Murderous Intent
06. The Coming Of Chaos
07. Bleed To Death
08. Heaven Is Ready To Fall
09. Seeds Of Shame
10. Chamber Master
11. Marked By Darkness

If you don't know Hatesphere yet, you must know that you're just in front of a real hurricane. Live or on CD this band that comes from Denmark is well known to destroy everything on its way. Their last EP "The Killing EP" was already super promising, but I had the luck to see them two times until the release of their new album "The Sickness Within" and I'm not afraid to say now that we're in front of one of the most impressive combo in the category.

As I said in this introduction, Hatesphere is above all a pure live band, their shows are always great and powerful with a real amazing ambiance. But why? It probably comes from the charismatic musicians but also and evidently from the quality of the songs. All the ones who had a first good impression with the EP will be happy to know that they will have the same feeling with the eleven songs of "The Sickness Within".

As always we have a great mix between Death and Thrash that seems however this time to turn a bit more into the Thrash side. Really powerful with those really effective riffs it's impossible to hate the music of "The Sickness Within" if you're evidently familiar with the band. The guitars solos are also impressive and that's the reason why I hate to see some people who put Hatesphere in the Metalcore category, their music is complex and the musicians are talented and don't have to be compared with some lame bands that try to play a similar music.

Also, believe me that we have some hits that will give us the luck to do some more headbangs during the shows. "Sicknes Within" for example is a classic powerfully Death/Thrash composition but on the other hand (and especially at the end of the album) the band seems to take some more risks with songs a bit more originals and not so conventional. "Marked By Darkness" for example is a bit surprising with its numerous breaks and tempo changing. But don't be so afraid because you'll see that we have a pure good Hatesphere during the whole CD and when you know in addition that the production and the sound is really good, you couldn't be disappointed.

Now on Steam Hammer Hatesphere will have all the promotion that they deserve and I'm sure that they will find finally a well-merited success. "The Sickness Within" is a really good album and if you had the luck to listen to "The Killing EP" the new album won't disappoint you. That's good and even better and final words will only be, Hatesphere rocks…

Written by Jeff | 04.10.2005



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04.04.2011 - 22:56
Musically not bad but the vocals are very core-ish......personally they started to grate on me about halfway through so I gave up on this one.

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