The Chasm - Reaching The Veil Of Death review


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Band: The Chasm
Album: Reaching The Veil Of Death
Release date: 2001

01. Root Of Damnation
02. Reaching The Veil Of Death
03. The Gravefields
04. This Spiritual Profanity
05. Embrace My Funeral

This could be easily the most powerful The Chasm release, even though this is only an EP not a Full-Length. The music from "The Chasm" has many melodic Patterns and a lot of mellow structures, it seems this time they forgot about that a little bit, "Reaching The Veil Of Death" is tight and true Metal of Death no strings attached.

The music in this EP is really strong and even vicious (with the exception of one of their best tracks "The Gravefields", which is melodic and technical to the bone), 24 minutes of pure Death Metal aggression, catchiness and violence all at the same time; This release is amazing in many ways, the music is really straight and balanced, there are less melodic approaches here than in the other "The Chasm" albums of course, that is the case of the second cut "Reaching The Veil Of Death", it starts with a melodic guitar introduction, then everything collapses, the harsh riffing and the violent patterns appear suddenly, every instrument has at least one incredible bit; this is the longest track in the EP and it flows amazingly well through the ears, you won't even notice that almost 7 minutes have passed I promise.

This is a short album, so I'll keep the review short as well; let me sum things up a little; "Reaching The Veil Of Death" is a very interesting release, the music in general is great and the execution is clean as water; every "The Chasm" fanatic should own this album, it shows a different side of this band, a more aggressive side that will shock more than one I'm sure, If you still don't own this release find it, sadly this EP is very difficult to locate, but your "The Chasm" collection won't be complete without this marvelous release, so try to make an effort.

Written by Herzebeth | 09.10.2005


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