Kalmah - Swamplord review


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Band: Kalmah
Album: Swamplord
Release date: December 2000

01. Evil In You
02. Withering Away
03. Heritance Of Berija
04. The Black Roija
05. Dance Of The Water
06. Hades
07. Alteration
08. Using The Word

When it comes to melodic death metal, Kalmah are a band not known by too many people. And for those people who know them there are a lot of different opinions. They are often compared to CoB and Norther because of the clear facts that make these bands stand out somehow: One, they are all from Finland and two, they all play melodic death metal. Anyone who has bothered taking a look still knows the differences between bands and describing them here would be impossible, a song can tell you more than thousand words.

Now to the album… this one is their first release with, yes, originality. They definitely are not a Bodom rip-off or anything.

Musically the album contains a lot of heavy and incredibly good riffs, as this kind of bands usually should to make the music powerful. Immediately the opening track "Evil in You" shows the power of the guitars and greatly written percussion. One of the best things in this band is definitely the vocalist, because if there is something that makes them original then it's him. Another plus for the album goes to the keyboards, they are definitely not overused but give some of the songs extra strength, even a bit of a heroic feeling from time to time.

This album definitely doesn't lose its touch when you listen to it, there is something for everyone. Unfortunately this also creates a problem: when there is something for everyone, there is always something that someone doesn't like. For instance, some people find the song "Black Roija" boring and others love it.

All in all this album was definitely not a bad investment for me, and it won't be for you even if you like this genre a little bit. However, I also want to point out that if you are new to this band then you should possibly try Swampsong before this record. From the objective side this is definitely a better album than Swamplord.

Written by Immortalist | 16.10.2005


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01.08.2006 - 20:16
Swamplord was first CD what I heard from Kalmah and it rocks always!! Awesome album. And that copying is shit. These have own style and dont sound to CoB or Norther.

I would give 9.5 points but its opinion question.

Good review.
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11.08.2006 - 03:08
8/10?? Such a lack of respect (joke)

This is an absolute KILLER of an album...one of my top 10 favorite albums of all time without a doubt. What impresses me most about this album (and basically all Kalmah albums) are the fantastic original and energetic melodies these guys always seem to come up with. And if there still exists idiots who STILL think theyre Children of Bodom rip-offs then you can lick my hairy hole because eversince this album was releases Kalmah has owned Children of Bodom totally and completely...

As the clever gentleman above has stated....I also give this a 9.5/10
23.11.2006 - 03:35
Account deleted
fuck ya love this album hades is an amazing song:banger2::banger2:
06.12.2006 - 18:17
Account deleted
I love this album. I would like to also reiterate that the only thing Kalmah have in common with Children Of Bodom is that they're Finnish, and they both play metal. They play completely different kinds of metal though. I prefer Kalmah's personally. I'd also give this album a 9.5/10... more than 8/10 anyway.
07.12.2006 - 17:06
Thank you for the feedback, I'd still like to point out that when writing a review one has to make a lot of decisions between being informative/descriptive about the music, giving out as objective opinios/as subjective opinions as possible and so on. When I wrote the review I know I could have done better when writing, however, I tried to be as objective as possible and gave the rating according to that. You must remember that Kalmah have never succeeded to create any sort of special status around them. In fact, they have just been gaining more and more publicity recently (quite rapidly too) so that is also one of the reasons for not giving this album the full score.

Also, for me any album that is somehow extreme it will take something special to give it a 10/10 or a 9.5/10, when speaking objectively of course.
13.02.2007 - 14:09
Account deleted
OOOh I just love the whole album! The growls and the guitars.....ah....everything about it just makes me melt away and drown in it forever!!!!
13.02.2007 - 15:45
I think this is probably my favorite Kalmah album...cold, melodic, deppressive and the music literally sucks me from their best song IMO evil in you.
02.04.2007 - 20:24
Danny Thomas
this one and swampsong are constantly in my cd player, and it never gets old, seriosuly, they are masterpieces are far as im concerned. i'd give both of them about a 9.4, which is much more proper rating than an 8
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17.07.2007 - 04:23
Account deleted
Ya i perfer kalmah and this album is sweet.
03.11.2007 - 12:48
Foetal Butchery
This is one of the greatest extreme power / meldoic death (watever) metal albums of all time - the guitars, growls, drums, everytihng is just perfect fav songs: Withering Away, alteration, hades and black roija!
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25.05.2009 - 08:03
Liver Failure
By far the best release from Kalmah ever. There's nothing special or absolutly new about this work, but it is sure a very good melo-death album. The guitar lead is beautiful, the harmony and brutality are equalized, making the balance perfect. No complains for the vocals also.

Didn't see any problem with "Black Roija"

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26.09.2009 - 04:31
Certainly the best melo-death album from Finland, without any doubt. Kalmah is an underrated band, such a shame !

I also feel that 8/10 is a bit severe for this masterpiece...
26.09.2016 - 17:41
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