Rudhira - Ein review


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Band: Rudhira
Album: Ein
Release date: June 2012

01. A Step Too Far
02. Embraced By The Rain
03. Wine Of Defeat
04. Darkened Shores
05. Goose On A Throne
06. Shine

Rating supplement: Most of the stuff I've reviewed in the past month, although all good, hasn't come past the point of "yeah, it's okay shit now, but if it doesn't turn out great in a couple of years, I'm going to be pissed at this band." Rudhira is no exception, although I believe they are very likely to actually achieve their full potential and generate some fireworks in the future.

A hard release to pigeonhole once again (I'm not complaining about that in the slightest, though), Ein is basically a prog-oriented, slightly offbeat dark heavy metal record. I'm hoping this "primordial metal with a prog-twist"-thing catches on, for, as Rudhira demonstrate, the number of things you can throw in the mix with basic mean metal riffs and solos and make them work in your favor is high. On here you'll find a sitar, riffs that bring up a 90's Gothenburg atmosphere as they progressively get angrier, solos showcasing a range of different metal and non-metal influences (most of which got a horns-up from me) and that typical prog rock traveling vibe that makes you yearn for a ride in a "Red Barchetta". Sounds random? It is random, but it works, up to an extent.

However, sometimes it doesn't work. The second half of the album is prone to "crumbling" and it doesn't have the grabbing power the first one had - good ideas are too often put in between ones that don't work me up and their shine is thus diminished. This is usual with longer releases, but not when the album lasts for 40-ish minutes, which is the case with Ein. It's not the fault of the players - the rhythm section offers a blast of energy, the guitarists seem eager to play the fuck out of their parts and make your spine tingle with them and the vocals - both the harsh ones and the slightly dissonant, weirdly gentle cleans - are up to par; the vocal melodies can for the most part be described as groovy and strangely seductive. It's just the matter of putting the pieces together in a better way.

As per usual, have a taste of it, and decide if you will be going for the full deal or not. I'll be waiting eagerly to see what Rudhira have to offer in years to come, but the debut isn't too shaggy at all.

P.S. Huge kudos for the lyrics - I believe I've amused quite a few buddies from Uni by singing the chorus of "Goose On A Throne" in between classes.


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