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Kristendom - Awakening The Chaos review


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Band: Kristendom
Album: Awakening The Chaos
Release date: October 2005

01. It's Awakening (Intro)
02. Existence
03. Failure
04. Le Souffle Animal
05. Short Life
06. Death Is Near
07. Welcome
08. Impure
09. Necrodemence
10. W.A.R.
11. Hidden Behind
12. Chaos Theory
13. No More Sunrise (Outro)

Even if they're not known all around the world, with already four albums I don't think that Kristendom has anymore proof to give. However their last release "Awakening The Chaos" is like a proof for me, and this release will show to a lot of people that we have good Death metal bands in France.

Oki, that's true, "Awakening The Chaos" and the music of Kristendom is not really original, yes it's possible to find a lot of bands that try to play correctly this kind of music, but let me tell you that the French combo knows how to release good music. Their precedent albums were already promising but "Awakening The Chaos" is the confirmation of the potentiality of the band.

The album is a great mix of old real Death Metal with however some touches of melodic, Gothenburg Death. The voice of the singer is really strong and heavy, same with the riffs but yeah I can't deny that the Scandinavians Metal bands that we all know probably inspired the band. Though this is probably the only problem of the album, it's hard to say that we don't find any similitude with all the bands that follow the trend but to be honest Kristendom know how to play this music, after all that's not their first album and they are not newcomers.

Note that the production is really correct, the artwork are great and you even have a cool DVD with some live video clips and the "story" (recording and all that) of the new album. Really it's cool to see that the band wants to give something great to the potential listeners.

Well, "Awakening The Chaos" is not a real surprise, but it's a confirmation and it's probably the best release of the band. Ok, this is not really original but it's a solid album of Melodic Death Metal and I think that you should have a look on this album. For sure this album is in the list of the best releases of the category of the year 2005.

Written by Jeff | 12.11.2005



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