Pictured - Strand Of Time review


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Band: Pictured
Album: Strand Of Time
Release date: May 2012

01. Another
02. Metal
03. Howling Forest
04. Black Bile
05. To Hell And Back
06. Curses
07. The Dwelling
08. Stranger
09. The Strand Of Time

Some times, it takes an album like this, Pictured's Strand Of Time to highlight everything that's wrong with certain genres. In this case, it's almost in a reverse fashion; everything is done so well here, with a surprising amount of subtle variation it makes you want to turn to all those moon-spoon-June melodeath bands out there and say; "You see?! This is how it's done!"

Original? Not really. Instead, it's a combination of already existent parts, boiled down to the best parts, then mixed. Take some Arch Enemy-esque leads, a touch or two of some Children Of Bodom extreme-power neoclassical solos, mixed with a few (old) Amoral bouncy rhythmic patterns, then maybe break into some Skeletonwitch type thrash segments. Slow things down, and you've got something reminiscent of Dissection's Reinkaos.

When described that way, it really doesn't sound all that great, as many of those previously mentioned bands are clearly past their best-before date. Just think of those times you've given those bands/albums a chance, then found yourself saying "well, at least they had 2 good riffs in there". Now picture an entire album of those types of redeeming qualities, that's Strand Of Time for you. The only real tangible problem that is recurring throughout the album is the vocals occasionally sounding buried in the mix.

If you're into melodeath, or extreme power metal, Pictured is definitely going to be a thrill. This is a band with their head in the right spot; no over-extravagance, no ruts, no stagnation. Solid riffs, catchy leads, and a nice array of different sounds within the parameters of melo-extreme metal.


Written on 10.07.2012 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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11.07.2012 - 01:18
This guys have no Myspace page, no uploaded YT songs, their Bandcamp page features only one minute samples, and they have a name that is nearly impossible to google even with advanced search (+ EDIT: song names generic as fuck). Way to promote yourselves, lads.
11.07.2012 - 06:01
Troy Killjoy
Ya it's kind of impossible for anyone to agree or disagree with this review unless they illegally download it or buy it based on what you've said about it combined with a bunch of one-minute samples.
I have no memory of this place.
11.07.2012 - 14:43
They are on Spotify though. Gonna listen to this at once.
12.07.2012 - 17:48
Hey if you want to listen to them, why don't you just visit their homepage ? There's a lot to listen to at http://picturedmusic.wordpress.com/media/

That's what I'm doing now
16.07.2012 - 03:14
These guys sounds pretty cool and thanks for the link to their songs. Not sure if I'll go out and buy this but they're pretty solid for sure.
10.07.2013 - 16:09
Me just received my 3CD order with Pictured's album along with Obscurcis Romancia and Oxidized Faith only for 20 euros. It's a good deal provided your parcel doesn't get lost, like mine, and takes +6 weeks to reach your mailbox.

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