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Band: Triggerman
Album: Hail To The River Gods
Release date: June 2012

01. Rage Of The Goddess
02. Rise Of The Woodsmen
03. Hail To The River Gods
04. Th'on Strange Brew
05. Flower Of Life
06. Wake The Dead
07. Blind Side Of The Moon

So Triggerman, whom you might remember from my Mad-Lib 100th Metal Review iSpectacularrrr! Is back with more of the same in Hail To The River Gods.

Usually "more of the same" in reference to a review is a bad thing. Usually. In the case of Triggerman, I think it a good thing. Think "MOAR! of the same." These Irishmen still have the knack for writing rousing tunes.

Their last, Brand New Day, opened with "The Riff Holds Sway", and suffice it to say they still hold sway with their latest. The opening track, "Rage Of The Goddess" features a powerful chorus riff that will bounce off your skull like a keg of Guinness, while the driving guitar work of "Rise Of The Woodsmen" is perfect for mashing about with your bros and buds in the pit. When they slow it down from the frenetic upbeat tunes to a nice midpace Bap and Niall create some powerful grooves chock full o' Swagger. They also show off some chops with a few energetic solos as well.

And while the bass and drums, courtesy of Dixie and Rory, respectively, don't take center stage behind the six string assault and Bap's charismatic vocal approach, they do an admirable job in locking everything in and providing the framework for the assault.

Oh, yeah, Bap (Boozy Antagonist Poet?) is still a warrior poet on the mic, reciting the lyrics with a gravel-throated rasp. His delivery style is nice and catchy, particularly the way in which he cranks up the intensity towards the end of each verse-stanza before the chorus kicks in.

So the band still has hard-hitting, rawking party tunes that are bound to piss off the neighbors (or have them knocking at the door, sixers in hand, begging for admission), they also have crafted a couple tracks that differ slightly from the aural festivities. There is the slightly odd "Flower Of Life", and the almost sinister closer "Blind Side Of The Moon", which sounds like an "NIB" like pitch to join Doctor Evil on Moon Unit Zappa for decadence and debauchery. So, yeah, they've shown a little different facet with their songwriting beyond churning out churlish party anthems.

Ultimately I enjoyed this release even more than the predecessor. Hail To The River Gods is more of the same… which means you have an awesome new soundtrack for your next house party.

You can check out streams here, at their official site.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8


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17.07.2012 - 14:17
Spirit Molecule
spirit molecule
Ohh the swagger. Just checked some of the tunes from the old album on their reverbnation. Pretty cool.
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17.07.2012 - 18:35
Triggerman emailed me back, you can get some streaming action on their site (inserted link into the review), as well as get the album via iTunes and Amazon.

Plus itunes...

and Amazon

Thanks a million.

Cheers again,
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