Hour Of Penance - Sedition review


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Band: Hour Of Penance
Album: Sedition
Release date: March 2012

01. Transubstantiatio (Intro)
02. Enlightened Submission
03. Decimate The Ancestry Of The Only God
04. Fall Of The Servants
05. Ascension
06. The Cannibal Gods
07. Sedition Through Scorn
08. Deprave To Redeem
09. Blind Obedience

Hour of Penance are a technical death metal band from Italy. When listening to Sedition their fifth full-length release in a long thirteen year career, your heart is ripped from your chest, consumed then…handed back to you. Let us say that this album is not for the fainthearted. The first thing I noticed after the ambient-choir opening of Sedition was the amazing sounding drums, the production on this album is fantastic extremely clear sounding however not at all sounding over-produced.

For Hour of Penance this is the first time with current drummer Simone Piras and second time with vocalist Paolo Pieri who replaced Francesco Paoli after he left the band for Fleshgod Apocalypse. I find this weird due to the fact that this album has sounded the most similar to Fleshgod's style than previous albums. The new members have really shown why the deserve to be musicians of Hour of Penance from Piras's crushing drums to Pieri's guttural vocals from the depths of hell.

One of the highlight songs on this album is "Enlightened Submission" this is the introduction to Sedition, this song has a very Vital Remains sound originating from the guitar tone. This song crushes your brain, from the constant battery of the drums to the roar of Pieri's vocals. Another highlight is "Ascension"; this song starts of with a morbid sounding horror sample, then comes the a cry of war from the drums, with a fantastic guitar riff over the top that creates a power that only Hour of Penance can create. A third highlight is "Sedition Through Scorn" this wall of sound is brilliantly spaced out with ride bell hits that make it sound so brutal, followed by various guitar lead sections that bring a harmonic texture to the album.

Sedition is filled with raw power, fantastic production and brilliant musicianship, the only thing that lets down this album, is the length, it is their shortest album to date weighing in at only 31 minutes, but I guess you cannot be too picky. This album would make a perfect addition to any death metal lovers collection.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 10

Written by Drummer149 | 11.09.2012


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09.10.2012 - 03:56
A staff guy...
I really love this album. I tried getting into both The Vile Conception and Paradogma but never could however from the very first second of "Enlightened Submission" I was gigged. I probably jammed this same album for 2 or 3 weeks straight on loop.
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