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Disturbed - Indestructible review


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Band: Disturbed
Album: Indestructible
Release date: June 2008

Disc I
01. Indestructible
02. Inside The Fire
03. Deceiver
04. The Night
05. Perfect Insanity
06. Haunted
07. Enough
08. The Curse
09. Torn
10. Criminal
11. Divide
12. Façade
13. Run [special edition bonus]
14. Parasite [Japanese bonus]

Disc II [special edition DVD]
01. Perfect Insanity [Live Rock Am Ring 2008]
02. Liberate [Live Rock Am Ring 2008]
03. Stupify [Live Rock Am Ring 2008]
04. Ten Thousand Fists [Live Rock Am Ring 2008]
05. The Game [Live Rock Am Ring 2008]
06. Down With The Sickness [Live Rock Am Ring 2008]
07. Indestructible [video]

Disc III [limited edition DVD]
01. The Making Of Indestructible
02. Trailer
03. Indestructionals
+ Poster
+ Laminated VIP pass
+ Registration code for the "Inside The Fire" website for exclusive audio and video content

In most stories, there is a buildup of tension and excitement within the plot before the climax. With this climax, the pinnacle of emotional stimulation is achieved and then makes way for the resting conclusion of the story. If Disturbed's career was a story, it would proceed as follows: they open their career up with the release of The Sickness, which pounded its way through the masses with unbridled aggression. Believe was a change in style, a change in the plot of their career story, which added more pure emotion to the tracks. Ten Thousand Fists brought melody and guitar solos to the mix. All those albums lead to this one, and while there was Asylum and The Lost Children afterward, this album was the climax of their career story.

I used to be a huge fan of Disturbed, back in days where I was unable to listen to very much metal (due to growing up in a religious family) and had exposure only to those more popular, very typical mainstream bands. While I believe this band is largely mediocre now, I still believe that it is above and beyond bands like Korn, Slipknot, and Avenged Sevenfold, which most "metalheads" around my school used to listen to in those days.

My own reasons for liking this band aside, I must say that this album isn't the most unique or necessarily interesting of albums in the world. Still, while the tracks weren't as varied as some may have desired, this album represents the apex of technical skill and vocal perfection for a band like Disturbed. It is a perfect blend of the melodic style of Ten Thousand Fists, the dark themes of The Sickness, and the best vocals that David Draiman has ever done throughout his career. The album opens with a super-catchy, heart-palpitation-causing theme of invincibility. Tracks like "The Night" seem a little all over the place at first, but on a second or third listen, the grand scheme of the track comes to light, and the theme of finding redemption in the dark aspects of existence is discovered. "Perfect Insanity" is a revival of one of their pre-label songs, and goes a more aggressive route in the vein of The Sickness. "Haunted" is one of my favorites, and while the verses seem to lead up to a pounding, aggressive chorus (which some people are disappointed by the lack thereof), we are instead surprised by a chorus streaming with emotion straight from David's soul during these sections. The rest of the album is comprised of passionate tracks full of sadness, longing, and anger. They comment on the depressing state of the world, from politics based on exploitation, to societies full of parasitic tendencies, to wars causing destroyed families while politicians who started them live comfortably. The album even ends with a track about domestic abuse--the longing of a woman to take control and murder her abuser in order to be free of her torment.

Compared to albums like Ten Thousand Fists, where the vocals were often off-key and the playing style seemed to get off track or be a little boring, Indestructible is pure gold. It's not the most complex, intuitive, or innovative of albums, but with all its catchy themes and pumping rhythms, it is truly the best that a band like [band]Disturbed [/band]could possibly offer. Other bands may outdo them by far in many other categories, but for people who like this style of music, this album is great, an album where all the pieces of their career clicked together and operated in perfect concordance with one another.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 8

Written by Jaeryd | 29.09.2012


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