All That Remains - The Fall Of Ideals review


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Band: All That Remains
Album: The Fall Of Ideals
Release date: July 2006

01. This Calling
02. Not Alone
03. It Dwells In Me
04. We Stand
05. Whispers (I Hear You)
06. The Weak Willed
07. Six
08. Become the Catalyst
09. The Air That I Breathe
10. Empty Inside
11. Indictment

Can anyone really describe why metalheads are so obsessed with metalcore when it's a sub genre basically combined with hard rock and punk elements? I know I cannot and I bet neither can you. To all the metal heads who enjoy metalcore I will say this. Metalcore is just damn awesome when you mention All That Remains' The Falls Of Ideals.

You can't really justify your answer if you say that this album is a sucky piece of work from a pretty talented band. If you really feel the album doesn't make you pound your head into a wall then you my, sir, need to have a check up with the doctor about your illness because this album is by far All That Remains' best piece of work yet.

The Falls Of Ideals can be considered a classic metalcore album if you've heard of it. You hear the classic elements of metalcore (screams, death vocals, soft vocals, screeches, etc.) in the whole entire album but with a pint of originality as well. I've never heard of a metalcore album that practically defined the true sub genre of itself. But this has ended when I heard The Fall Of Ideals.

Some good banging songs in this album include "Whispers (I can Hear You)", "Six" and "Indictment". You really hear some nice vocals from Philip Labonte in theses song and with all the songs really in the album.

The songs can pass by quickly since most range up only from three to four minutes and to me that's pretty short. But for the most part there isn't much negativity in the album. If you are more into the past albums for the band then you might see a small difference and change but nothing out of the ordinary here. Just an album you will hear for years to come.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 9
Production: 8

Written by Epictemptation | 11.11.2012


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11.11.2012 - 02:11
Fair score
11.11.2012 - 10:13
I would not rate it a 9 but it is a pretty damn good album.

But even though this is clearly metalcore because of what the genre developed into, I don't hear much hardcore here at all, unless we consider breakdowns to be a hardcore element (which is not necessarily, as the first hardcore bands didn't have breakdowns, and they kinda had widespread appearance in hardcore after they appeared in thrash) and some of the harsh vocals can be a bit hardcore-ish as well but this is pretty much gothenburg/melodeath with breakdowns.
11.11.2012 - 12:13
The Warchief
I agree with you 100% percent, the new album is holy shit i just like the song "stand up" cuz it has a great solo, but i give the whole album 6.2/10 ... "The Fall of Ideal" is their best album so far!
17.11.2012 - 01:29
This is one of the albums that really got me into metal so the nostalgia factor for me here is through the roof. Love this album despite the fact that I despise everything else this band has ever released.

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