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Band: Saga
Album: Generation 13
Release date: May 1995

01. Changes Are #1
02. Generation 13 (Theme #1)
03. All Will Change (Goodbye And Good Luck)
04. The Cross (Home #3)
05. Danger Whistle
06. Leave Her Alone
07. I'll Never Be Like You #1
08. My Name Is Sam (Finding A Friend)
09. The 13th Generation
10. The Cross
11. The Learning Tree
12. I'll Never Be Like You (Once Again)
13. Snake Oil
14. We Hope You're Feeling Better (The Test)
15. My Name Is Sam (Your Time Is Up)
16. Generation 13 (Theme #2)
17. Where Are You Now?
18. Screw Em
19. No Strings Attached
20. All Will Change (It's Happening To Me)
21. The Victim
22. One Small Step
23. Sam's New Friend
24. We Hope You're Feeling Better
25. Changes Are #2
26. Humble Stance [Live at Fabrik, Hamburg 2015] [bonus]

Saga's 1995 release sets a turning point in the band's sound. It's the middle 90s with grunge and alternative metal as the main players in the world of music. By the end of the 80's Saga decided to change their sound to a more radio-friendly pop/rock sound; that endured right until 1995, when the band decided to make this extraordinary conceptual and progressive rock album.

Generation 13 is the best album since Worlds Apart, and brings Saga back to his roots. Generation 13 is one of the most spectacular albums ever devised in the 90s. It's a conceptual album with 25 tracks and tells the story of social misfit "Sam" and his adventures. The album almost never stops with the music flowing from track to track. Like any concept album, this album works better as a whole rather than with individual highlights. The storyline is wonderfully written, inspired in part by the book "13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?" by Neil Howe and Bill Strauss. All the characters have a clear intent to contribute to the story, there's "no waste" in this album, with characters such as "Jeremy", "Morty" or "Sam's New Friend". The sound effects are brilliant, creating the right atmosphere for the mysterious side of this album; all the instrumental transitions between tracks are very well designed and includes spoken parts from the characters of the story. Lyrically, this album is really innovative for Saga's discography, the lyrics are dark and introspective, most of them have the intent to transmit the dark side of "Sam", and most of the story goes through the characters problems and social affairs. Another very positive aspect of Generation 13 is the sound effects and experimental side of the album, Saga innovate their sound into something never done by the band; the album production and sound dynamics are brilliantly designed, making it the best album produced in the band's discography. This album can build a feeling of togetherness and bond with the listener; all the emotions are very well transmitted. This album can make you think, it was made to reflect about opportunity, failure, life and hope.

This 1995 iconic album was wonderfully designed and composed; it's one of the best albums in the 90s. Somehow it brings to mind the progressive rock album classic The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis. This album is one of the most spectacular and innovative works in the level of concept, instrumental and technicality, production and group performance. It's a joy for any progressive rock fan, and of course for any Saga fan.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Production: 10

Written by AndMetalForAll | 17.11.2012


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