The Berzerker - World Of Lies review


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Band: The Berzerker
Album: World Of Lies
Release date: December 2005

01. Commited To Nothing
02. Black Heart
03. All About You
04. Burn The Evil
05. World Of Tomorrow
06. Follow Me
07. _Y_
08. As The World Waits
09. Afterlife
10. Never Hated More
11. Free Yourself
12. Constant Pain
13. …………
14. Farewell

One of the most sickening bands in the Grindcore scene is now back with World Of Lies and what a come back indeed, this album is maybe the most aggressive album I've heard from this band; a crushing experience I might add, filled with catchy riffs, new surroundings, unbelievable drumming (as always), and a really impressive progression.

This time The Berzerker got tighter and they managed to polish their sound a little bit, it's still chaotic as hell, but in World Of Lies you'll find more catchy riffs and believe it or not complex structures; it takes just one spin of the new tracks, such as the almost depressive/doom song called Farewell or the catchy and melodious (in this band's way of course) World Of Tomorrow, to realize this time they are not only about being really freaking fast nor random, this time they came back with the same violence but with better musicianship actually. I'm really impressed because of the development and evolution The Berzerker achieved in this album, many listeners that used to hate their concept should really give this album a try, believe me…the chances are you'll like it no doubt.

This album also shows an unmasked band, I'm sure many people will see The Berzerker in a different way now, it's not only about they throwing their masks away, it's also about a bunch guys trying to improve their music in every single way they can, and they did a magnificent job actually; the musicianship shows experience in the execution, and this is actually a bizarre feature because this album was created in just a week of relaxation and musical creation according to the vocalist's words.

World Of Lies is amazingly heavy and shocking actually, it will literally make you want to peel your skin off and then feed your dog with it. So if you get scared easily just don't try it, on the other hand if you are into destructive and powerful metal you will not only love this album, you'll build it a little altar next to your CD collection.

Best Tracks: "World Of Tomorrow", "Never Hated More", "Farewell"

Written by Herzebeth | 28.12.2005



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10.10.2006 - 19:38
Advice Troll
Hmmm... sounds interesting... After the first two freaking albums, I may listen to this "band" again... The thing that they put the masks out is good, but that doesn't improove much... I'm going to listen to some of these new songs and come back latter...
Bitch! Please
04.12.2006 - 21:07
Baz Anderson
this is the first time i have heard this band properly.. so i started with this album
wow, this stuff is crazy and i have my sub-woffer turned down as well!!
i am going to be looking into these a bit more if i can..
26.04.2007 - 23:38
Account deleted
Yeah, it is true about this album.
"World Of Lies" is agressive in all ways - starting with music and lyrics.
I love all those intros at the beginning of songs. They hide very useful moral within, so it is worth it to try to understand The Berzerker's lyrics.
And they also are misanthropic
30.09.2007 - 11:51
Account deleted

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