Nehëmah - Requiem Tenebrae review


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Band: Nehëmah
Album: Requiem Tenebrae
Release date: 2004

01. Creeping Chaos
02. The Great Old Ones
03. Dead But Dreaming In The Eternal Key Waste
04. The Elder Gods Awakening
05. In The Mists Of Orion's Sword
06. Taken Away By The Torn Black Srhroud
07. Conscience In Evil
08. Through The Dark Nebula

True Black Metal lovers, the new production of the cult French band Nehemah is out now!!!
After more than one year and their last release "Shadow From The Past", the band comes again in the front of the Black Metal scene to show that France is certainly the 2nd "Black Metal" country, for the quality of it productions and it numerous bands, after Norway.
If you don't know Nehemah, you must know that this band plays Black Metal since 1992 and is considered in France and by a lot of True Black Metal lovers [all over the world] for one of the best band of the style. The reviews of their last productions confirm that feeling…
"Requiem Tenebrae" is the new album of the band and if we want a confirmation through that album, I can only say that we a have that big confirmation, a real big kick in the ass in fact…

"Requiem Tenebrae" is a great album, no doubt on that. The production is excellent, the sound is great [finally a band who understand that we can do "True" Black Metal without a crappy sound…] and the booklet is just beautiful. The pictures and the lay out are very good too, the cover with a face and the Horse Nebula is also excellent, and we have all the lyrics in it… Nothing to say… A great job again…
The album is very dark, and the atmosphere very oppressive, it's really hard to do something better. A lot of time when you're listening the cd you can easily feel that very bad atmosphere and well it's certainly that we want when we listen a Black Metal production. Again Nehemah is totally in the good way with that cd.

Musically, "Requiem Tenebrae" is sometime with a very fast tempo and double bass pedals [true Black Metal yeah…] and sometime with this slow tempo that gives all that dark atmosphere to the cd, and as I said before that great dark Atmosphere and that really bad feelings that you can have when you're listening the cd are certainly the strong point of this new Nehemah.
The vocals [and the lyrics] are damn good too, Corven show again that he is one of the best...
The compositions are very good too and believe me it's hard to say something wrong against this new album… Another great good example is the length of the album, 55mins for 8 tracks, a lot of bands [and a lot of Black Metal bands…] could follow the example of this French band and do something like that…

Well nothing to say more on that new album of the French band Nehemah. It's good, well done and I'm sure that all the Black Metal lovers will be dazzle of this new production. Without any doubt we can consider now that Nehemah is one of the best Black Metal band in France and also all around the world. With "Requiem Tenebrae" we have certainly one of the best Black Metal album of the year.

Written by Jeff | 05.01.2006


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