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Band: Mägo De Oz
Album: Belfast
Release date: July 2004

01. Intro (Irish Pub) [Gwendal cover]
02. Belfast [Boney M cover]
03. La Rosa De Los Vientos [Metal version]
04. Dame Tu Amor [Whitesnake cover]
05. Mujer Amante [Rata Blanca cover]
06. Alma [Orchestral version]
07. Más Que Una Intención [Asfalto cover]
08. Dama Negra [Uriah Heep cover]
09. Todo Irá Bien [Elvis Presley cover]
10. Se Acabó [Leño cover]
11. Hasta Que Tu Muerte Nos Separe [orchestral version]
12. Somewhere Over The Rainbow [The Wizard of Oz soundtrack cover]

A lame joke?

Is this a lame joke or what? Do Mago De Oz hate their fans now, at least all the fans they could acquire since 'La Leyenda De La Mancha'? Not entirely, but this album is quite a negative surprise.

First off, let's take the postive things into account, since this album is not entirely crap, but we all know way better stuff from this spanish band. 'La rosa de los vientos' one of several self covers, 'Mujer Amante' the Rata Blanca cover, 'Alma' and 'Hasta que tu muerte nos separe' are of very solid appeal, better than good, but not overly grea., 'Dame tu amor' and 'Mas que una intención' are not more than plain good, but what follows is the other 50% of the album and that's mediocre through bad.

The intro, which a rather lengthy and repetitive just underlines the influences the band got over the years rather than adding to an interesting opening song. Bringing up 'Belfast' the title track and not so interesting hard rock cover version of Boney M. Honestly I think it's not the best idea for a 'metal' band to cover from such a group. 'Dama Negra' takes a lot of time to get going, the second half of the song is acceptable, the first half is rather boring, yes Uriah Heep did it better and to underline this statement I think it's not a timeless piece. The Elvis cover 'Todo ira bien', come on Elvis never sounded that lame, did he? 'Se acabo' the instrumental carries along a well known melody, if could only remember which one, or maybe I better don't want to know... in fact some changes would have done better for an approach. To totally kick you out Mago came up with the lamest version of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' I've ever heard and they must have known at least the version from Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, they already covered their 'Temple Of The King' or they should have tried the version from Graham Bonnet and Chris Impellitteri, but no they didn't.

This album shall at least receive 6 points, since it has one half of good, partially almost great songs, unfortunately it also has the other half that could have been worse, but should have been better. Not a standard piece of Mago, this is only for real fans who must have all their albums.

Written by Pierre Tombale | 28.01.2006


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While you're expecting the new Mago De Oz album (Gaia II), these guys decided to give us a little treat, a big box full of surprises, instead of releasing a "best hits" album, these Spaniards decided to re-record some old songs in new versions and do some cover songs of their favorite bands, the result, is Belfast, a fantastic album, but, we're used to receive only good stuff from Mago De Oz.

published 06.01.2005 | Comments (0)

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