Pyramaze - Legend Of The Bone Carver review


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Band: Pyramaze
Album: Legend Of The Bone Carver
Release date: February 2006

01. Era Of Chaos
02. The Birth
03. What Lies Beyond
04. Ancient Words Within
05. Souls In Pain
06. She Who Summons Me
07. The Bone Carver
08. Bring Back Life
09. Blood Red Skies
10. Tears Of Hate
11. Flame And Retribution [Japanese bonus]

"Legend Of The Bone Carver" or the return of our Danish mates of Pyramaze. I remember that I wrote a review of their precedent album "Melancholy Beast" in 2004 and that the same year, our Wrathchild did a really cool and friendly interview with the band at Raismefest [France]. So you can understand that I'm extremely happy to have to write the review of their new album today, first it's the proof that the band is still alive but also that the band is growing too. "Melancholy Beast" was a good surprise, "Legend Of The Bone Carver" confirms all the potential of the band.

As always, Pyramaze plays a nice Progressive Power Metal. When I talk about Power Metal, please don't expect something that sounds "happy" or really "speedy" because Pyramaze doesn't sound like a lot of newbies who use to play this kind of boring Power Metal. The music of the band is always powerful but also a bit dark and the numerous lines of Keyboards in the pure Progressive spirit give evidently something more to the music of the Danish combo. Also the music of Pyramze isn't something easy, it's complex technical the riffs are catchy but not common and at the end it's never boring. Is it not the mark of the great bands?

It's hard to be really original nowadays but I really like "Legend Of The Bone Carver" because it's really varied and there is a lot of good ideas in the release. For example, a song like "Bring Back Life", in addition of the classic Pyramaze's Power/Prog structure use a nice Folky melody. It's fresh and new and more than interesting musically speaking. Evidently there is a lot of others nice additions like a female vocalist for the choruses of the ballad "She Who Summons Me" but you'll be able to discover them when you'll buy and listen to the CD.

For all the ones who know the first album, don't worry, the musicians are still great and Lance King is better than ever. Plus this time there is in my opinion some pure "radio" hits like "What Lies Beyond" or "Tears Of Hate". Don't understand that the first album was bad, at the oppisite but it seems that with the maturity our guys found how to write real killers songs that we cannot forget easily. I don't have to talk a lot about the perfect production, the sound is good and one more time the cover is excellent, no really we're in front of a great album, a great band.

No need to be really long to close this chapter, "Legend Of The Bone Carver" is a really good album and it's the confirmation of the talent of the Danish band. If you like Power (real one) and Progressive music, don't miss this album and you'll probably agree with me to say that it is a pure must.

Written by Jeff | 02.02.2006


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Well there is not much to add on Jeff's review but still I think this band is so good, the album is so perfect, that I would like to add my thoughts to this board about this album/band.

I "discovered" Pyramaze by accident, downloaded (from their website 3 songs from the Melancholy Beast album and 1 from Legend of the Bone Carver. I never stopped listening to those tracks and decided to give the albums a go. I bought them at the same time and I'm listening to them now, again and again...I can't stop.

published 20.06.2006 | Comments (1)

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