Stormlord - The Gorgon Cult review


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Band: Stormlord
Album: The Gorgon Cult
Release date: 2004

01. The Torchbearer
02. Dance Of Hecate
03. Wurdulak
04. Under The Boards (165 M.A.)
05. The Oath Of The Legion
06. The Gorgon Cult
07. Memories Of Lemuria
08. Medusa's Coil
09. Moonchild [Iron Maiden cover]
10. Nightbreed
11. A Sleeping River [Japanese bonus]

Scarlet Records is really a bag full of tricks, the range of artists they sign goes from Power Metal to Gothic and Death Metal. When I knew that Stormlord played Black Metal I was excited about hearing this one, even though I'm not such a big fan of Black Metal anyway.
Sadly my first impression wasn't the right one, because even if the cover art of the record was done by artist extraordinaire Jean-Pascal Fournier, I think it really sucks, big time! They picked a ugly cover this time, because their 2 prior albums have great artwork if you ask me.

Anyway, I decided, despite the ugly cover, give this band a chance and pushed the play button on my stereo and it began. After a short intro, "Dance Of The Hecate" blasted with amazing power into my brains, the song, fast paced, aggressive, yet melodic was an instant winner in my ranks, "Wurdulak" followed the same vein of the first one, but with a higher dose of rhythm and some clear vocals too.

One thing that impressed me of this record was the keyboards, almost every song has accompanying keyboards that give a unique atmosphere to each song, which by the way, have great variation between each other.
Not each song is ultra blasting fast here, the band concentrates in creating atmosphere with more calmed passages to counter the furious fast ones, a perfect example of this is "The Oath Of The Legion" one of my favorite tracks, that features great backing keyboard, cool tempo changes and great clear vocals.

The album also contains 2 special surprises, a cover of Iron Maiden's "Moonchild" and a wide multimedia section in the Cd that contains a video, a lot of Mp3 of side projects from the members of the band, pictures and some other goodies.
That, plus the reason that this is a solid album, is enough excuse to get this one immediately, so hurry up to your nearest musical store and buy it. While you're at it, buy some porn, it never hurts.

Written by Undercraft | 02.02.2006



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25.08.2006 - 03:47
Rider Of Theli
Account deleted
Bitchin Band To Listen..any fans of therion will definetly enjoy..STORMLORD !!!
25.08.2006 - 04:17
Jason W.
Hmmm I have no idea why someone who enjoys Therion would enjoy this CD There really isn't anything that reminds me directly of Therion on it. It's atmospheric black metal / melodeath sounding to me (tho I'm no genre - knowledgeable person, it's not like Therion)... Something about this CD that I don't care for is the production and sound quality, which is far below perfect, nor is it clear. I'll pass.
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
16.11.2006 - 06:31
Stormlord really kicks ass people ... Great Italian band...
Indeed it has that Therion type , but its awesome ...
This album the Gorgon Cult really likes me , perhaps because a really beautiful dark maiden gave it to me , it's 2nd track Dance Of Hecate is my favorite ...
Nothing is unreacheable
29.12.2006 - 23:02
Vinnie R.
Chido Chido
i didn't listen thus album yet, i only have at the gates of utopia and supreme art of war...but is a great band, isn't doubt about it.
10.11.2007 - 00:18
this is without a doubt one my favorite albums of all time, easily!
it's too SIIICCKKKK!!
14.03.2008 - 13:42
Liver Failure
now that's a cool band, its very hard to find some bad songs. Gorgon cult is not the best, At the gates of Utopia is unbeatable. And then theres Supreme art of war and The curse of medusa, who are really good as well.
In spite of finding Gorgon Cult their worst album, my favorite song is here, ''Wurdulak''!!! One of the coolest songs ever, save the album (Oath of the Legion and Under the boards are good too).

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
22.06.2011 - 23:40
Great album... one of my favorites.

You can listen to this album from the opening track to the last one and enjoy;
Just omit that Iron Maiden cover from your playlist!

My favorite songs: Dance Of Hecate, Under The Boards, Medusa's Coil, Wurdulak, Nightbreed
All of them are good enough to listen countless times...

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