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Band: Tristania
Album: World Of Glass
Release date: September 2001

01. The Shining Path
02. Wormwood
03. Tender Trip On Earth
04. Lost
05. Deadlocked
06. Selling Out
07. Hatred Grows
08. World Of Glass
09. Crushed Dreams
10. The Modern End [Seigmen cover] [bonus]

Third effort of one of the best gothic bands of Norway, with Mortem Veland gone, the questions popped out... Is it as good as Beyond The Veil? Is the band is taking a new direction?Electronic elements will take over as they did with Theatre Of Tragedy and Paradise Lost?
Well, I'm gladly to say that yes, no and no! Yes is a very good album! (I don't know if better than Beyond The Veil though...]. No, the black/gothic/dark sound is still there! And NO there aren't any electronic elements present! [Well a little bit...].

The music itself is really beautiful (I think I use this word too much) but it is!! Just listen to the wonderful (and beautiful) soprano voice of Vibeke Stene, the folky violins, the Gregorian choirs... The lyrics are great too, just take a look at 'Tender Trip On Earth', 'Selling Out' and 'World Of Glass'. The whole album is filled with dark passages in contrast with the female voice and the growls provided by Trail of Tear's Ronny Thorsen.

The songs are really complex and some of them are very hard to digest, but give them time, you will love every single one of them, among my favorites are 'Tender Trip On Earth', which starts on a fast pace and slows down as the song goes on. This song features a catchy chorus and clear vocals. 'Selling Out' is a difficult song to review, since it is very experimental, clean male vocals as the song begins, Aneke's voice, and then comes the growls followed by the chorus... 'Deadlocked' is a very original song and a surprise on the album, since it is a "balladesque" song.

Overall Tristania gave us a very diversified album, different from Beyond The Veil, less aggressive, more experimental. Tristania have move a step forward, hardcore fans of Beyond The Veil, try before you buy. And if you haven't heard of tristania, this Cd might be a good start.

Written by Undercraft | 16.02.2004


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What is gothic metal today? Is gothic a good female voice togheter with a male growling? Trisiania thinks so. Now at their third full-lenghth album (without considering the debut EP "Tristania") we can immediatly notice that they slightly changed their style: the artwork indeed transmits us (???) the sensation of a cold World Of Glass, but it has changed from the usual Gothic atmospheres.

published 12.06.2007 | Comments (10)


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12.07.2006 - 19:20
The Alchemist
World Of Glass is one of the best albums from Tristania. I don't know neither if this is as good as Beyond The Veil, but I'm glad too that after Morten was gone, the band didn't changed so much like Theatre of Tragedy.

This album is quite different from the masterpiece Beyond The Veil, but the escence of Tristania is still there. The wonderful Vibeke's voice, the dark atmosphere, the amazing violins and the great choirs which give to the music a deep and beautiful sound

Beyond The Veil has an agressive and depressive music, while World Of Glass has some agressive songs but not so depressive, for example "Lost", "World Of Glass" or "The Shining Path" and like Undercraft said, there are a little bit of electronic elements, like in the song "Crushed Dreams" but I don't see it as bad, because the escence of the band remains and this gives to the album a different sound.

I didn't pay attention before to "Tender Trip On Earth" now I see it's a great song, one of the best of the album. My favorite ones are: "The Shining Path", "World Of Glass", "Hatred Crows", "Crushed Dreams" and "Lost"

I agree with Undercraft when he says that World Of Glass might be a good option to start listening to Tristania

I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid to be alive without being aware of it
Sensorium - Epica
12.07.2006 - 22:31
great album with industrial elements, but of course based in the Gothic atmosphere of the previous albums
give praise for the blood it bled,
grant a rose for the dead...
16.07.2006 - 02:30
Account deleted
This is excellent probably as good as the stuff with veeland, same can't be said with ashes.
16.04.2007 - 19:14
Account deleted
this is a really interesting combines all styles of tristania wit a pretty cool way though crushed dreams is not that good but all other tracks are good to listen
16.04.2007 - 19:45
I overplayed this album, but its still an amazing album though, great to get stoned to..
16.04.2007 - 20:10
Bitch Boy
Very good album, lots of people expected something very disappointing after Morten left, but I have to say that this is a very good album, still dark and bombastic, but clearly with a different sound.
17.04.2007 - 08:04
Jason W.
"The Shining Path" is still my favorite opener for any Tristania album... the way Vibeke begins her vocals a minute or so into the song is masterful. Ronny never disappoints and this is a great place to see how well his vocal talents can be applied equally as well outside his native Trail Of Tears I've never been much a fan of the song "Selling Out," as the lyrics just fail me, but there are so many great songs on this CD, that it's easy for me to pass by...

The production on this CD is a bit "plastic," but I've heard much worse in metal, and considering the timing of this release, I can forgive it. The band was definitely in transition!
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
07.05.2007 - 21:04
This album is a little bit depressive, songs such as Hatred Grows, The Modern End, Wormwood and Deadlocked are well examples of what I'm trying to state as depressive.
And sometimes I despair
At who I've become
I have to come to terms
With what I've done
25.08.2008 - 00:19
Metal Symphony
whatever it should take more than an 8!!! at least 9!!! it has good songs!!!
What is the meaning of this conspiracy,
The conspiracy that God has offered me,
Clinging me to the hands of insanity,
Concealing me in a lifetime fond of misery.
31.07.2010 - 16:19
Account deleted
Written by Jason W. on 17.04.2007 at 08:04

The production on this CD is a bit "plastic," but I've heard much worse in metal, and considering the timing of this release, I can forgive it. The band was definitely in transition!

The production is brutal. Thin, harsh and compressed to hell. I like the music but I end up turning the volume down to the point where it's just background noise just to make it through the album. And before anyone asks, I have a mid/high end system that sounds warm and smooth. It still couldn't save this album.

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