Mystic Circle - The Bloody Path Of God review


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Band: Mystic Circle
Album: The Bloody Path Of God
Release date: February 2006

01. Psalm Of The End (Intro)
02. The Bloody Path Of God
03. Doomsday Prophecy
04. Nine Plagues Of Egypt
05. The Grim Reaper (Intro)
06. The Grim Reaper
07. Riders Of The Apocalypse
08. Hellborn
09. Church Of Sacrifice
10. The Forgotten
11. Unholy Terror
12. Memento Mori (Outro)

Bonus Track
13. Circle Of The Tyrants [Celtic Frost cover]

"The Bloody Path Of God" is already the 7th album of the German combo, which started his long career in 1997. And I'm sure that the fans will be happy to know that Mystic Circle always follows its road and didn't try to change its music. "The Bloody Path Of God" follows the way of their precedent albums with a good mix of fast or mid-tempo Death Black Metal. You're a fan of the band? So don't miss their solid new album….

I'm not really familiar with Mystic Circle but after that I had a good look again on their precedent albums I came to the conclusion that the band didn't take a lot of risks with this new release. But is it a bad thing when you know that a lot of bands try to change their musical orientations and just fail at the end? At least, Mystic Circle always plays its own music and the result is good.

After a good dark and oppressing introduction, the album starts with a blasting track. "The Bloody Path Of God" (the song here) is a furious piece of melodic Death/Black, this is heavy and fast, the repetitive riff is like hypnotic and the keyboards give a really special ambiance to the music. On the other hand "Doomsday Prophecy" uses a depressive mid-tempo. Slow and heavy, this is a really dark song that fits perfectly with the spirit of the band. But don't worry, you'll be able to find some songs in the pure Black Metal spirit too, like "Unholy Terror". As you can see, "The Bloody Path Of God" is really varied and it's a good thing in my opinion.

The production is also really good. The cover isn't bad and the sound of the recording is perfect, as always with the German bands, we're near of the perfection. It's cool really because with this kind of mix between Death and Black we must have the luck to listen to perfectly the voice like the instruments. It's the case here so don't worry on that point really… Note finally that we have a really cool "Thrashy" cover of "Circle Of The Tyrants" written by the great Celtic Frost…

All in all, "The Bloody Path Of God" is a really cool album. It's maybe not something super original but it's strong and I'm quite sure that the fans will enjoy this new release. Also, you must know that "The Bloody Path Of God" is easy of access so it will be easy for you to enjoy the album even if you're not really familiar with the band. So don't wait anymore and have a look on the new album of Mystic Circle.

Written by Jeff | 09.03.2006



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