Enforsaken - Sinner's Intuition review


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Band: Enforsaken
Album: Sinner's Intuition
Release date: 2006

01. Witness To The Fall
02. Blacklist Assassin
03. The Slain
04. Halo Of Ruin
05. Enemy Angel
06. Sever The Ties
07. Words In Red
08. The Course To Oblivion

Enforsaken is probably one of the only American bands that really know how to play Gothenburg Death without falling into the pit of Metalcore. I'm not saying that Metalcore is bad, of course not, but a lot of bands pretend to do "Melodic Death" and aren't able to do it in the pure European spirit. It's not the case of Enforsaken that knows, without forgetting its American roots, how to do a good old melodic and technical Death Metal "made in Scandinavia". Fans of this kind of music, "Sinner's Intuition" is probably for you…

"Sinner's Intuition" is the last album of the American combo and you must know that the band still follows its road. Here don't expect a lot of changes, Enforsaken still plays a good Gothenburg Death Metal, understand that they play something really fast, aggressive but also melodic like with Detonation or a Dark Tranquillity. However you must know that Enforsaken has in its line-up two amazing guitarists and we have a really important difference due to their presence. The guitars soli are simply outstanding, supra complex and technical. I don't say that the guys of In Flames or DT doesn't know how to do solo, but be sure that the ones of Enforsaken are lot more complex and progressive. We're not so far of Thrash or even Prog Metal and it's really good to listen to it. On the other hand the band doesn't take a lot of rissk, for sure the songs are nice but there is nothing really new in those compositions too. It's good but classic.

I won't talk about the cover that is simple amazing, Mr Travis Smith was in front of his screen to do it, so evidently as always it's simply great. But I must add that I'm not really happy with the production. The length of the album is a bit short, only 38 minutes, and the recording is a bit average. Well it's not terrible of course but not perfect and it's a bit sad.

"Sinner's Intuition" is a good album. The songs are catchy, the musicians are good, at the end it's a solid album of Gothenburg Death and as I said in my introduction, our guys know how to do this kind of music really. Now you must know that it is also really classic so if you're someone who is just looking for something good, have a look on it, if you want something new and original, evidently it will be a bit different. But remember however that Enforsaken is a really good band so if you like this kind of music you should try to discover this band through this album…

Written by Jeff | 03.04.2006



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13.04.2007 - 03:18
So sad they disbanded. This is a really good melo death album, one of the best for me.

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