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Grimfaith - Preacher Creature review


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Band: Grimfaith
Album: Preacher Creature
Release date: April 2013

01. Intro-1 (Beyond My Closed Doors)
02. Abberation
03. E.V.O.-3: Cyberlover
04. Saint-Demonic Smile Or Sex In Heaven [2012 version]
05. Radioactive Rain
06. Dead In Soho (At The Suburbs Of The Art World)
07. My Cruelty
08. Creepy Crawlers [feat. Anders Jacobsson]
09. Flower And The Bone [feat. Lisa Johansson]
10. After A Sin
11. God Gave Me... [Mick Jagger cover]
12. Preacher Creature

Grimfaith hail from the land of the Chicken Cholesterol Bomb, Kiev and have been together for over a decade now, putting out the type of music you'd expect from characters like Raven, Moregrim, and Eviltwin… Gothic Metal. Preacher Creature marks their second full-length.

Initially the album caught my eye simply because of the artwork - you've got clash of orthodox icons and some cyber-fetishism (insert George "Sulu" Takei "Oh Myyyyyy" soundbyte here).

Ultimately the album fell short of my expectations... perhaps I was thinking something my cyber, a la ...And Oceans or Red Harvest based upon packaging and zero actual familiarity.

The problem is that while nothing is bad, it just feels entirely too safely packaged. The clean vocals are decent, interesting, and he can do a good growl, but don't really move me. Everyone is undoubtedly competent at their instruments.

There are flourishes beyond the standard, you've got a cameo by robo-chick voice in "E.V.O.-3: Cyberlover", and "Radioactive Rain" comes complete with air raid sirens and an almost Bruce Lee like "Wa-TAAAH!" during the intense RAWR portion in the middle. They even cover a Mick Jagger tune, "God Gave Me…"

The production is swell enough, outside the drums, but I think it deprives the album of some bite, which is perhaps the biggest reason I'm not particularly into this whole thing. And while you won't likely find much goth metal in my album collection, I'm coming from the viewpoint of two poles. You know my metal proclivities, and generally I prefer more raw sound. And, believe it or not, I was doing the Fineline Shuffle to "Bela Lugosi's Dead" decades ago.

The metal doesn't have enough grit to make it seem dangerous, and at the same time the metal factor overrides the stripped down feel that makes Bauhaus so haunting.

If you are into the genre, it's worth checking out as you quite possibly will appreciate it far more than I.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 7


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