Dagoba - Release The Fury review


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Band: Dagoba
Album: Release The Fury
Release date: 2001

01. Rush
02. Agression Comes Back To You
03. Something Stronger
04. Time 2 Go
05. My Army
06. Gods Forgot Me

This is the debut EP for this young promising band from Marseille (South France). Dagoba plays a violent thrash-metal inspired by good old bands like Fear Factory and Meshuggah. The first thing to be noticed, even before listening to it, is the care exercised in the packaging: a digipack with a magnet to close it, there is a videoclip on the CD... the less we can say is that they have made it in a very professional way.

That's also what comes to mind when you listen the six songs of this album. Every instrument has a very good sound, even though the drums are maybe too much present. Shawter's voice can be compared to Phil Anselmo's from the Far Beyond Driven period. The riffs, slow and jerky, immediately remind of Meshuggah (good reference), the songs are pretty long (about 5 minutes each) but absolutely not boring, because of the rhythm changes, and the good quality of the musicians.

Sometimes, industrial sounds, like in Fear Factory, appear, for example on the first track, "Rush", but they are soon drowned in a flow of musical violence. It is not very melodic, just a wave of brutal force. "Something stronger", brings a change, with clean male vocals and weird female vocals... Every track has its own personality, its own features, so you don't have the impression to hear the same song during 30 minutes...

The musicians are very talented, as much on stage as on the album, and they have the advantage of being very charismatic on the scene. If you can see them live, you will not regret... Just one last thing: this band is promoted by the French metal magazine Hard'n'Heavy, so it can't be of poor quality...

Written by Deadsoulman | 15.04.2006


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