Gift Of Gods - Receive review


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Band: Gift Of Gods
Album: Receive
Release date: October 2013

01. Enlightning Strikes
02. Receive
03. Looking For An Answer [Universe cover]
04. Last Solstice

Gift Of Gods is a project of Ted Skjellum, better known to most the metal world as Nocturno Culto, one half of Darkthrone.

So what does Gift Of Gods sound like? Well, if you've listened to their last few releases, it sounds like one half of a Darkthrone album. At least in regards to sonic content. With only four tracks, you still get about 24 minutes of music, which, mathematically speaking is more than ½ of a Darkthrone album.

Whereas Fenriz writes the more anthemic numbers with catchy choruses, Nocturo Teddo has been responsible for churning out the counterpoint slower, moodier, dirgier ditties. So with "Receive", you get a couple (well three) midpaced traditional metal tunes. And one upbeat number with a catchy chorus - "Looking For An Answer" - this time not courtesy of Fenriz, but rather the Swedish band Universe.

This was a solo effort with Ted handling all the instruments, vocals as well as recording responsibilities, though Jack Control, who worked with Ted on Underground Resitance, the latest DT album, mixed and mastered the work.

So in that regard, the three original tracks even still sound like a later DT album.

While I've drawn a lot of (inevitable) comparisons with his more famous project, that shouldn't dissuade you from checking it out. He's been churning out some great riffs for two decades now and continues to do so here.

Truthfully, while I like Ted's work - both here and the other band - I do miss the 1-2 combo of the Fenriz jab followed by Nocturno hook.

If you're looking for something paying fun homage to 80's metal, complete with some leads, tasty riffs, and gruff throated vocals, be sure to check this out.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8


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