Edge Of Sanity - Cryptic review


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Band: Edge Of Sanity
Album: Cryptic
Release date: December 1997

01. Hell Written
02. Uncontroll Me
03. No Destiny
04. Demon I
05. Not Of This World
06. Dead I Walk
07. Born, Breed, Bleeding
08. Bleed You Dry

Cryptic has a special place in Edge Of Sanity's discography as the only album to not feature the talented Dan Swano. To many fans this might be off putting and a reason to avoid the album. However the reality is of course, very different.

Cryptic is not an album for lovers of progressive Death Metal. It is an album for fans of dirty Death Metal with more in common with Entombed or Dismember's more melodic moments. In some ways it is closer to Death N Roll and Melodic Death Metal than pure Death Metal but it's still a heavy sounding album and certainly far more brutal than most of the Gothenburg crowd.

Cryptic is full of great groovy riffs and features some very catchy songs such as "Hell Written," "Uncontroll Me" and the superb "Demon I." Most importantly the song writing is consistent, which is something that was missing from predecessor Infernal.

Production is excellent and results in a great sound that is neither over polished nor too raw and fuzzy.

The absence of Dan Swano is not a weakness. In fact given Swano's rather average and inconsistent contributions to Infernal, the absence of Swano is actually a boon. Robert Karlsson does a good job on the vocals despite not being as versatile.

In the end Cryptic is a great album and proof that Edge of Sanity was more than just Dan Swano.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 9

Written by deadone | 21.01.2014


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